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June 16th, 2002

The Most Disgusting Foods

I have a few foods I find absolutely disgusting. Play along!

Licorice. I can remember the first time I ever had licorice. It was in a licorice snap form, and I was about 7 years old. My mom loves licorice, and had a few on hand. She let me try one, and I was eager. I spit it out, coughed loudly, and wanted my (insert name of any other food here)! Not only was the candy shell deceptive, but the aftertaste was horrific. Terrible stuff.

Pineapple. Now, I am a little more tolerant of pineapple – I believe in tolerance of all fruits and vegetables – but pineapple did me wrong just because of bad timing. 7th Grade, stomach flu, pineapple in my lunch. The rest is history. I believe I’ve had pineapple 3 times since then.

Brussels Sprouts. This food gets reamed for being bad, but I couldn’t stand it even though I like both broccoli and cauliflower. In fact, I was told that I’d specifically like brussels sprouts because I liked broccoli and cauliflower. Nope.

What about you, Pingers?

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Sarah October 18, 2007, 2:05 pm

the most disgusting thing I tried last Saturday. It was part of a salad bar in a cannister next to pine nuts and spicy nuts. No label and no idea what they are. They looked like peas, round green, with a white coating, I thought possibly yogurt like is done with raisins. My daughter popped one in her mouth when we got to the table, I thought someone had hit her from behind the look on her face and she fumbled for a napkin to spit it out. She was 5, thought maybe a reaction to a new taste. I tried it, and did my best not to spit it out on the table. I have no idea what it is. DISGUSTING!! No idea who could ever eat it or why. It’s a hollow crunchy thing with the most awful taste imaginable.

CarbsRule July 16, 2008, 5:41 pm

Steamers – Ever seen these things ? People eat them right out of the ocean, steamed. It’s like a thick string of mucus dripping from the inside of a clam, with a puss-colored marble hanging from the end. You have to be drunk to eat these things, I know I would be – and even then, Id have enough common sense to just say no.

Isnt it funny how if you travel to a foreign country, and are presented with some revolting dish – you are accused of being rude and ingrateful if you refuse to eat it ? Isn’t it your host who is being rude by asking you to eat these kind of things ? Isnt it they who are rude for putting you in the uncomfortable position of having to place into your mouth, that which you wouldn’t dare touch with your hands ?

I love carbs – nice fresh white plain tasting foods like bread, rice, potato, and pasta. Nothing that ever breathed.

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