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June 16th, 2002

The Most Disgusting Foods

I have a few foods I find absolutely disgusting. Play along!

Licorice. I can remember the first time I ever had licorice. It was in a licorice snap form, and I was about 7 years old. My mom loves licorice, and had a few on hand. She let me try one, and I was eager. I spit it out, coughed loudly, and wanted my (insert name of any other food here)! Not only was the candy shell deceptive, but the aftertaste was horrific. Terrible stuff.

Pineapple. Now, I am a little more tolerant of pineapple – I believe in tolerance of all fruits and vegetables – but pineapple did me wrong just because of bad timing. 7th Grade, stomach flu, pineapple in my lunch. The rest is history. I believe I’ve had pineapple 3 times since then.

Brussels Sprouts. This food gets reamed for being bad, but I couldn’t stand it even though I like both broccoli and cauliflower. In fact, I was told that I’d specifically like brussels sprouts because I liked broccoli and cauliflower. Nope.

What about you, Pingers?

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FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday June 16, 2002 -- 12:29:44 am
Dude, I eat pineapple on my pizza (with ham is nice). Rejoin the fold!

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Sunday June 16, 2002 -- 1:00:56 am
I eat what's probably an unhealthy amount of pineapple, of the canned variety of course. As for disgusting foods, I have only two words - circus peanuts.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday June 16, 2002 -- 10:25:26 am
Ham & pinaapple pizza's rule! As for disgusting foods...pickles, peas, cabbage, potato salad.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday June 16, 2002 -- 11:14:41 am
The #1 disgusting food: black olives. How do people eat that crap?

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday June 16, 2002 -- 12:09:30 pm
Robert, I have no idea how I forgot them. I agree wholeheartedly. Green olives are just as awful.

DATE: Sunday June 16, 2002 -- 1:03:58 pm
Robert & Paul,

There is only one use of black olives that isn't disgusting, that's on a pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese.

FROM: Elizabeth [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday June 16, 2002 -- 1:18:37 pm
Personally, I think the idea of meat is disgusting, and milk and eggs are pretty close behind. Just thinking about milk gives me a stomach ache.

Also: mustard, mayo, cream cheese, anything that's ranch flavored, sour cream, and I also think olives are gross.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday June 16, 2002 -- 4:14:25 pm
Jim: Black olives taint all they touch . . . they give me tainted love on the pizza you mention.

FROM: King Random
DATE: Sunday June 16, 2002 -- 10:00:25 pm
Black olives are pretty bad. Keashe is worse. Keashe with black olives, well, trust me, it's bad. (I have had it, I have weird parents) I think the thought of eating dead animals is pretty disgusting, but don't let that deter you carnivoars out there. I won't hold it against you.

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Sunday June 16, 2002 -- 10:30:21 pm
I like green olives, but can't stand black. Won't even eat black on pizza (only pepperoni or sausage for this Chicago boy, don't even like cooked green peppers and onions on mine, and forget fruit on pizza, that's like putting whipped cream on a burger) and prefer to have it as far away from anything Mexican I order as possible

I don't like green olives on pizza either (tried it once just 'cause I can't stand black olives and figured maybe it was just that).

Disgusting foods to me:

eggs (no matter how you cook them) - Haven't liked them since I was little, won't eat them now period. Long story. I get a gag reflex the minute they touch my tongue it's that bad. Between it and tuna as my most hated. If it's cooked with eggs to where you don't taste it... that's fine, but if it's like Egg Drop Soup (BLECH) or Egg Fu Young (Double-blech); nooooooo waaaaaaay.

boiled okra - If you've seen it, you'll understand. Basically has the consistency of a big green (yes, okra is a vegetable) lump lying in a mucous-like membrane of something as slick as Vaseline. Yes, people do eat this... fried it's not bad (or steamed in a homemade vegetable soup... probably my favorite application), boiled... yick, yick, yick. Although, as slippery as it is... you get it in your mouth, it'll be gone as soon as you swallow. Just the whole idea is nasty.

calimari - 'nuff said.

liver - 'nuff said.

escargot - 'nuff said

sushi - Cold fish? Ehhh... no.

clams - blech

zuchini/squash - I can't do it, just can't; tried to... just tastes blech.

brussel sprouts - Gotta agree with Ryan, they're rather heinous.

tuna - I can't stomach the smell, it's an instant gag reflex for me walking into a room where someone's opened a can. Then again, I'm not a huuuuuge fish person in general (except for like shrimp, crab, and lobster). I mean, growing up in a family where Breaded fried catfish (got a lot of Southern relatives) is like a delicacy and being the only one not to eat it... I get to hear about my distaste for fish a lot.

boiled cabbage - Being an Irishman, you'd think that I'd be able to eat this like it was candy (after all, the whole corned beef and cabbage deal; I love corned beef btw)... couldn't be further from the truth. Boiled cabbage is about as appealing as going to the garage and taking a swig of 10w40. I also refuse to eat potatoes that are boiled with the cabbage on St. Patrick's day just for the whole tainted taste. It's like a giant version of brussel sprouts... and obviously it's not more of a good thing by any means.

Milk - I only drink it when it's like an absolute necessity. Like on those rare occasions I actually eat a breakfast food (and I prefer to eat lunch/dinner foods for breakfast 299 times out of 300 it's that rare). I don't mind chocolate milk mind you (that I can drink a ton of), it's just regular good ol' white milk. If it's white skim... forget it, won't even touch it with a borrowed tongue, gotta' be Super Unleaded (1%), Ultimate (2%), or Leaded (Vitamin D) for me to drink it (I drink coffee black, so I leave the Racing Fuel [Half and Half] to the others)... and even then that's a rarity.

cottage cheese - Helllllllllll no; just something about it that is nastier than hell. Not just the taste, which is pretty horrific, but it's like this lumpy consistency not unlike potato salad crossed with Ricotta cheese, but without any semblance of a rewarding taste. Mind you, I can bear with potato salad (german or regular), even have a fondness for it every now and then, but cottage cheese is like a close third to tuna and eggs.

Porridge/Oatmeal/Warm Cereal - I've never gotten this, and don't have any semblance of an interest in it. The first two taste like eating a gellotonous/fiberous mass of lumpy slop that tastes about like gnawing on some corrugated cardboard that's been soaked in warm milk. Warm Cereal just ruins a good thing... I don't hate milk in a good bowl of Raisin Bran or Quaker Cinnamon Oat Squares; but... leave it at a nice cold natural temp.

Microwaved red meat - I might be the only person on the planet that takes issue with this, but something about reheating cooked red meat that comes out nastier than sin. I mean, if we have anything homemade with red meat, no matter how much I "LOVE" the dish... I'll leave it for someone else. Just the way it tastes after being reheated, just can't do it.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Monday June 17, 2002 -- 12:52:07 am
Marcus, you are so right about tuna. I hate it!

DATE: Monday June 17, 2002 -- 12:56:06 am

FROM: jim
DATE: Monday June 17, 2002 -- 12:56:21 am
Elizabeth, sounds like a very short list of things that you will eat!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday June 17, 2002 -- 1:02:02 am
Marcus -- You have trouble distinguishing Paul and I, don't you? :)

I'm a big fan of pineapples (especially on pizza, something my wife first introduced me to). I dig licorice (and the similarly-scented fennel/anise). And I've always liked brussel sprouts, even back when I hated 85% of all vegetables.

The things I still dislike: baked beans (tried them tonight thinking I might have adapted to them, but no go), olives (though I'm cuckoo over olive oil), and durian (based simply on the smell -- it's like a used baby diaper).

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday June 17, 2002 -- 1:04:45 am
I have come to the conclusion that I like almost everything on your lists, and or will eat them. I had potato salad and pickles today, olives and pineapple yesterday. Oh an Elizabeth I ate extra meat and dairy for you.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday June 18, 2002 -- 1:56:47 pm
I eat almost everything, but I have to agree with MollyCule about circus peanuts. Funny thing about circus peanuts, people who hate to eat almost anthing often love circus peanuts. Go figure.
Best description of food a friend found disgusting: "Okra, it tastes like a green bean that somebody sneezed on."

King Random:
Keashe? Do you mean Quiche?

DATE: Tuesday June 18, 2002 -- 2:04:35 pm

What's durian?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday June 19, 2002 -- 9:12:32 am
Jed -- It's a very bizarre fruit that's very popular in southeast Asia. It large and has a very hard and spiky shell and an inside that smells (seriously) like a used baby diaper. When my wife and I travelled to Vietnam a few years back, we were asleep in a van with ten other people. We woke up to the disgusting odor of a vanful of people eating durian -- not pleasant. :) See the following sites for some more information:

DATE: Wednesday June 19, 2002 -- 2:42:13 pm
After looking at your hyperlinks, I have to say:
Yikes!! Looks like martian scrotum! Perhaps this explains the odor. Well, although I am a firm believer in the "don't knock it till you try it" adage, I won't be looking for this one in the grocer's aisle. I'll wait for someone to bring it to a picnic before I spend my money on it, like the one time I tried pig brains at the pig roast (more texture than taste--wettish and grainy, not unlike toothpaste but lacking that minty fresh sensation). But the article does say that evil smells can be signs of bad durian, and that the best durian to be had is fresh in Thailand. So perhaps next time I find myself wandering through the jungles of the far east...

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday June 19, 2002 -- 11:53:58 pm
I can't deal with the texture of lima beans. Ugh. A few years ago, a friend of mine lived in the city and her apartment was an oven. As soon as I got there, I went straight for the freezer and pulled out a bag of frozen limas and clutched it to stay cool/conscious. That is the closest I want to be to lima beans.

I have a hard time understanding why some people don't like pineapple...I love it on chicken!

Has anyone ever heard of Rote Grutze? It is a beloved German dessert that I despise. It consists of black currant berries with cream. They are obsessed with desserts that contain fruit. Want to know something else? In many European countries, they would never dream of serving cake and ice cream together. My cousin visited from Denmark and I think he was moderately uncomfortable eating the brownies and ice cream that we served him.

I am on my way to Germany in less than 2 weeks, and I am looking forward to their incredible sauces. Their secret? butter and heavy cream. So why are Americans heavier than our European counterparts? Seriously, they refer to us as the "fat Americans" and you don't see too many obese people there. Maybe the fact that so many of them smoke is to blame.

FROM: Big Fat Lizard
DATE: Thursday June 20, 2002 -- 12:08:32 am
Pigs Feet, Kidneys, and uncooked mushrooms.

Pineapple don't bother me, except it's a little acidy for the belly, Brussel Sprouts are good, I like tuna (not often though - I gotta be in the mood)...I'm a milkaholic...especially after a good night of beerz (next day) - Olives? They're ok...I love a good pickle with my popcorn...(you have to try it if you haven't) my wife got me started on that trend...Pickles and Popcorn...the pickle throws off the taste of the popcorn...and they taste great I can't have popcorn w/o a pickle...(dill of course)...and we buy the giant jar of whole pickles at Wal-Fart for 2.99. It's Mt. Olive brand Pickle (had to go look in the fridge...) I don't care for korean food (kimchee and stuff like that) - also I think it's WAY too overpriced...(lizard prefers a good ny strip steak to spend a few bucks on)...that's what I had for dinner tonight.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Friday June 28, 2002 -- 8:16:06 am
pudding and whipped cream make the back of my throat shudder. The texture is all wrong!
Mushrooms = VERY BAD.
cottage cheese, zucchini, peeps, eggplant, all olives.

FROM: King Random
DATE: Friday June 28, 2002 -- 3:08:51 pm

Keashe, quishe, squish, same difference. Obviusly you knew what I meant, as you corrected me, so the intent got across. Not everyone can spell foods.

FROM: dave
DATE: Friday June 28, 2002 -- 10:34:00 pm
I have flat refused to eat any seafood (except tuna and some shrimp) since I have had control over my own diet. If it's not the smell, then it's the little bones or the fact that you have to perform an autopsy just to get to the supposedly "good" bits.

When I was in Ecuador my hosts ordered pizza...and asked if I wanted "cuy" on it. Cuy is GUINEA PIG!!!

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday June 29, 2002 -- 10:39:02 am
Monica--I was just thinking the other morning about how much I love pudding and can't understand that you hate it.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Saturday June 29, 2002 -- 11:38:19 pm
and what's even weirder, people've told me, is that I love yogurt. Somehow the consistencies of yogurt and pudding are different enough.
About licorice (I love it)--once I gave some to someone who'd never had it, and he said it tasted like a rubber tire!

DATE: Monday July 1, 2002 -- 10:53:33 am
Ever try to make the recipe for hot Grape-Nuts? Now that is the worst. It's absolutely vile. You know how Grape-Nuts suck when they get soggy? Try'em hot. Anyone I know who eats Grape-Nuts has tried it and it gets a universal two thumbs down. They keep the recipe on the back though. What is excellent though is also a recipe on the back of the box: just dumping a couple of teaspoons of Grape-Nuts into yogurt. Reduces the boredom factor of yogurt enough to get you to eat it for another week after you've stocked up cuz it was on sale.

FROM: Mike B.
DATE: Thursday July 4, 2002 -- 11:23:33 am
I HATE onions with a passion! Onions, leeks, shallots, chives, scallions, and all related things I HATE HATE HATE. I will not eat anything which has them as an ingredient--no ketchup, spaghetti sauce, salad dressing (except Caesar and plain old vinegar.) The taste, the texture, the stench, the look of them, the horrible spine-tingling crunchy sound--I could puke just thinking about it (I'm literally nauseated writing thins.) It's obsessive, I know, But onions just make me gag and cry and sit there and stare like a stiff. RRRRetchhh!

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Tuesday July 9, 2002 -- 11:10:57 pm
Get peas and lima beans away from me...whatever the cost. i will physically harm anyone with a plate of either within a three mile radius of my person. ;p

FROM: Logic 3:16
DATE: Saturday October 12, 2002 -- 10:00:55 pm

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday October 14, 2002 -- 1:58:08 pm
Har! Har! That's funny -- I've never heard that one... oh, wait, yes I have. A thousand times.

FROM: Nit [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday October 28, 2002 -- 10:47:34 pm
Reheated pork or poultry - EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! When it get's that wet-feather foul (fowl) taste. I can only make these things ONCE - any leftovers have to be given to my husband or dogs. Yowwwwwwwwwwwwwp!

FROM: phishy
DATE: Saturday December 14, 2002 -- 12:49:11 pm
Icelandic delicacies like HAKARL (shark buried for two months, then hung to dry, cut to cubes and eaten raw) are really ...... interesting

Rungar is pretty interesting too (rams testicles boiled and pickled in whey, eaten up to a year after pickling)

German EISBEIN (boiled pigs' trotters) don't exactly take my fancy, nor does SULZE (pickled pressed brain)

LICORICE now, that is actually very yummy :) literally HUNDREDS of different sorts on sale in the Netherlands

FROM: snooty ping monitor
DATE: Saturday December 14, 2002 -- 6:26:55 pm
so seriously, who is this Marcus Mackey? Is he a real person or...a ping-er w/ a sense of humor playing the role of ping troll? No disrespect but his pings are always 10 pages long and cause me to go into a ping coma everytime I see them.

...someone enlighten me.

PS if in fact he is just an eager pinger (my apologies in advance ;)

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday December 15, 2002 -- 12:16:21 pm
Quay -- He's a longtime Pinger that's become known for his... lengthy posts. :)

FROM: C8H10N4O2 [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday December 16, 2002 -- 11:46:06 pm
I think mushrooms are the worst.
Sushi rules as long as it is fresh, yellowtail sushi is no good. (Not all sushi is fish) I want to try one of all the animals that walks this earth...except human...

FROM: christer
DATE: Sunday June 29, 2003 -- 2:21:04 am
You have all compiled a list of the things that I love most - except that pineapple on pizza is a waste of both. I can even handle durian, as long as I hold my nose.

I live in China, so am able to compile a list of some of the most delicious foods you could imagine, and a much longer one, of stuff so vile it would give nightmares to a vulture. How about chicken feet? They look like a baby's hands. What's the opposite of "appetizer" Maybe "revoltizer"?

Happy (burp) dining

FROM: Rebekah Davis [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday June 29, 2003 -- 6:32:52 pm
I, um, like food. Uh, yeah. Foods good. Yum, yum. In closing, I'd just like to remind everyone of an important fact:

EAT FOOD OR DIE!!!!! (literally)

PS. All comments directed towards me should be sent to my guestbook at my website, as I will most likely never look at this page again. Thank you for your time:P

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday June 29, 2003 -- 8:26:16 pm
Man, it's a shame you'll never look at this again. There's plenty still to mock. ;-)

FROM: zigfried
DATE: Monday June 30, 2003 -- 1:52:19 am
baloots. nothing is worse than a baloot. take a chicken egg that's ready to hatch, stick it in the ground for 30 days, dig it up, poke a small hole in the shell and suck all of the innards out. very popular in the phillipines.

FROM: TShavel
DATE: Tuesday December 30, 2003 -- 8:30:03 am
Pineapple ? Come now - When you have crap like pig knuckles, and cow tongue stuffed in jars, being sold at your local grocery, how in god's name can you come down on a pineapple as the "most disgusting" ? You may not like pineapple, but it's far from the worst. Im no vegan, but odd meats from peculiar body parts of smelly animals...thats it for me.

FROM: Bad Foods
DATE: Tuesday December 30, 2003 -- 9:21:04 am
It's not necessary to use foreign cultures in order to find examples of disgusting foods, when there are so many that can be found right here, at your nearest Waldaums.

Sushi - People eat this shit and merely pretend to like it, in order to be trendy or whatever...especially here in NYC where I am. Why is it that the people who pretend to like raw fish wrapped in seaweed, always toss it to the back of their throats when eating it - then, they wash the taste away quickly with a chaser drink, or they mask the taste with that super spicey green sauce ? It's like they want to surpass the taste buds, and wash away anything left behind...then they tell you try it, and act like you aren't hip or cultured enough to like it when you gag on it. Fuck you...It's disgusting.

Clams - Those disgusting contests where people "shuck" them open and slurp the shit out of them as fast as possible. That is so fucken gross.

Lobster - That part that is actual crustecean crap that people eat around...what do they call it, the "sod" or some shit like that ? What about the way it is looking at you like a huge sea insect. No thanks.

Shrimp - That black line that runs across the back its also, actual crustecean shit.

Gufilta Fish - Black hairy looking fish. I hate when I walk into a deli and see fish heads sprawled out on display behind the glass.

Tuna Fish - That brownish colored paste / salad shit mixture they make with it and spread on a sandwich.

I love a nice steak, just as long as I dont think about where it comes from. Thats the deal with most meats when cooked fresh - they taste good, but dont think about the fact that your'e eating body parts from a fat smelly farm animal.

Eggs - Disgusting, no matter how you prepare them.

Milk - Its amazing what we will put in our mouths, and accept as normal when you think about it. Foul smelling white liquid squeezed from the teets of a large farm animal...but we all drink milk, right ?

Dark Black Sludge Beer - I dont care who pretends to like the taste of this crap, they are faking it.

All hard liquor straight up - I drink for one reason, and it's not for the taste. I hate people pretend to like drinking a "Manhattan" with an olive in it.

FROM: Bad Foods
DATE: Tuesday December 30, 2003 -- 11:39:11 am
The most disgusting thing I have ever been witness to, was on a trip to the Chesapeake Bay, in St. Michaels. I went to a bar where they gave each person a small wooden mallot. They literally poured dozens of whole crabs out onto the table. Everybody smashed the crabs open, and ripped the guts out of them, and ate the shit out like barbarians. Everybody had green crap all over their hands, and looked at me like the oddball for refusing to join in the festivities. I just drank beer like crazy instead. If that wasnt bad enough, other people were eating softshell crabs - whole ! Has anybody else seen this revolting sandwich, where they literally throw a wholoe fucking crab between two slices of bread, and eat the shit just like that ! This is the most disgusting thing Ive ever been witness to anybody eating.

FROM: tom shavel
DATE: Tuesday June 1, 2004 -- 9:51:36 pm
Whoever had that line about the chicken's feet in a jar, and how they look exactly like a baby's hands - is right on. I just saw that while out food shopping, and my god - exactly like baby hands. Who....and you know who you are out there, eating this stuff ?

FROM: tena
DATE: Wednesday July 21, 2004 -- 1:43:16 pm
i like red licorice but black licorice is the worst. so are pigs feet and chitterlings (pig intestine...very popular in the south). i dont eat anything citrus because im allergic. i love all sea food as long as its not raw. and as for sushi goes, i think i'll just stick to packaged california rolls

DATE: Sunday November 7, 2004 -- 11:33:05 am
balut- egg and hatched chick -- in between. sprinkle a little salt and eat with beer. good for newly married for extra romance.

FROM: Adam
DATE: Wednesday November 17, 2004 -- 1:56:40 am
I agree on the olives...ewwwww. Also hate peas-they're just soo....mushy and AHHH GET THEM AWAY FROM ME! Not really a big fan of greean beans either. I do like licorice--well at least licorice all sorts---not of that hard black stuff.

DATE: Thursday December 9, 2004 -- 10:39:40 pm
i hate olives all kinds+peas well to be exact every kind of veggie except for ketchup and salad dressing and salsa

DATE: Thursday December 9, 2004 -- 10:42:13 pm
pizza is reserved for pepperioni,cheese and sausage not pineapple and ham thats wrong

DATE: Thursday December 9, 2004 -- 10:45:07 pm
ya that crab crap sounds pretty wired b/c i would not ever try it

FROM: Alex
DATE: Friday December 10, 2004 -- 8:03:53 am
I loathe "apple chips" with a passion. I got a *bad* flu right around the time I first tried them, and still associate them with being sick. To the point of shuddering when walking by them in a grocery store.

Apple chips = Bad.

DATE: Saturday December 11, 2004 -- 12:09:31 pm
i hate okra any kind of okra it makes me hurl eeeeeewwww

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday December 11, 2004 -- 3:18:10 pm
Yikes! I love all three of the OP foods. Especially pineapple on pizza.

I would have to pick from prior postings:

1) Grape nuts. They are not grapes. They are not nuts. When someone pours milk over them and microwaves it, this vile odor comes out. *shudder*

2) Eggplant. I have had good eggplant, but only twice. Usually people overcook it to the point where the outside is rubbery and the inside is a sort of noxious ooze. It brings neither taste nor texture to the party.

3) Cottage cheese and yogurt tie for this position. Growing up I was allergic to milk and mold. Purposefully combining the two just feels wrong.

Then again, I love yuk gae jang, a deathly spicy Korean soup that I have yet to see anyone else eat. It takes all kinds.

FROM: newt
DATE: Monday December 27, 2004 -- 12:41:58 pm
I like lots of things that most people don't (I guess it's the San Franciscan in me), but I have to say that anything anise flavored is just plain nasty to me. I think I must be allergic to something anise flavored. Black licorice, sambucca, ouzo, even fennel. Funny though, my husband loves anise flavored things.

As for who eats chicken's feet, the Chinese. My Chinese friends swear they rock, along with duck tongue. As for durian, let's just say it's an acquired taste I've never acquired. You can get durian ice cream in San Francisco if you are thinking of a less frightening way to try it.

As for black olives, I think anyone who doesn't like them has only ever tried those nasty, flavorless, rubbery canned ones like they put on your pizza at Domino's. Eating real olives might change your mind.

FROM: Sally
DATE: Monday December 27, 2004 -- 9:57:46 pm
Try vinegar on those sprouts - YUM !!

FROM: No Bacon
DATE: Wednesday January 5, 2005 -- 4:42:52 am
I can't eat bacon anymore. I used to love bacon, until I saw an episode of "Mythbusters" where they used pig skin as a pallette for a tattoo. You could see exactly where strips of bacon come from, before they are sliced. I have never eaten bacon since. Furthermore, I saw an episode of fear factor where they had to eat a pig uterus in an effort to win $50,000. As a result, I simply can not eat anything that comes from a pig ever again.

FROM: Tom Shavel
DATE: Wednesday January 5, 2005 -- 7:35:22 am
"Black Pudding".

Do a Google on Black+Pudding+Recipie, and I dare you, to even think about eating anything that comes from a pig ever again. I can't - ever since I found out about this revolting recipie, I honestly can't even eat bacon anymore. I used to like bacon too...not anymore.

FROM: Black Pudding Recipie
DATE: Wednesday January 5, 2005 -- 7:41:20 am
Black Pudding:

1 lb Pig's liver
1 1/2 lb Unrendered lard, chopped
120 fl oz Pig's blood
1 x Medium onion, chopped
1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Allspice
1 x Beef casings

Stew liver in boiling salted water until tender. Remove liver, and mince.
Reserve cooking liquor. Mix all ingredients in large bowl. Stir thoroughly until blended. Fill casings with mixture. Tie off in one-foot loops. Steam for 4-5 hours. Leave until cold. Cut into 1/2 inch slices as required and fry in hot fat on both sides until crisped.

People eat this stuff at those Medival Rennisance Festivals - they have contests as to who makes the best Black Pudding - I swear to god, it's true.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 5, 2005 -- 9:46:42 am
There's one recipe I will never try to veganize...

FROM: ...
DATE: Thursday January 6, 2005 -- 9:06:27 am
I absolutely cannot eat anything that even bears a resemblance to the smell of my ex-girlfriend's ... "hoo ha"... for example... any type of seafood, canned meat (spam, chicken salad), cottage cheese, or italian dressing. YUCK.

FROM: Hoo Haa ?
DATE: Thursday January 6, 2005 -- 4:18:05 pm
Maybe you need to start dating women who shower ?

FROM: Thanatos
DATE: Friday January 28, 2005 -- 2:27:49 pm
hahahahaha, that is so genius that your xgirl can smell like seafood and italian dressing.

Everything seems to be listed here, pineapple is great. i always had a problem with guava

FROM: Hungry
DATE: Friday January 28, 2005 -- 5:31:45 pm
I'm getting an appetite for your ex-girlfriend's "hoo ha." I've never heard of this dish. Is it like jambalaya and gumbo all in the same pot? Yummy!

FROM: warbird
DATE: Friday March 25, 2005 -- 8:17:40 pm
I cant get over how spoiled we americans are.I was made to eat at least a small portion of whatever was being served growing up as were my brother and sisters.From this I learned to like most things and to tolerate those I didnt especially care for.If you had to survive in a third world country and it was a necessity you would find yourself glad to have those things you claim you just cant stomach.

FROM: warbird
DATE: Friday March 25, 2005 -- 8:19:31 pm
by the way I love freshly showered "hoo ha"

FROM: Tom S. [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday June 8, 2005 -- 3:50:10 pm

Well, there it is. Take a look at that sandwich, and ask yourself how much money they'd have to pay, for you to eat that revolting thing.

People actually pay money to eat that, not other way around. It's not Fear Factor - this is a common delicacy in the Maryland area, as well as other parts of the country as well.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday June 8, 2005 -- 8:03:03 pm

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday June 8, 2005 -- 8:07:05 pm
Soft shell crab is indeed a delicacy. I was introduced to it in New Orleans, and I have to say, it's friggin' awesome. Just close your eyes if you have to. I'd never eat it on Wonder Bread like that photo shows. But a soft shell crab po-boy on French bread, dressed with lettuce, tomato and mayo, and plenty of hot sauce on the side is the closest thing you'll get to heaven. You can't tell from the photo, but the crab has been gutted and de-gilled. It's nothing but meat with a thin layer of soft shell over it. It's really the best.

By the way, I hate hard shell crab and crab legs. I just don't like breaking the shell and digging the meat out. If you like crab, then soft shell is the way to go. You'll get spoiled fast and never want to look at a hard shell crab again.

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Wednesday June 8, 2005 -- 11:58:40 pm
It's not wonder bread, it's Arnold Country White. It was the only bread I had.

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Thursday June 9, 2005 -- 8:17:46 am
Lutefisk!! It's fish (cod I believe) that is boiled in lye. It's a Scandinavian dish. Although I've never tried it myself, I've heard that the smell of it when it is cooking is nauseating.
Ryan, every try salt licorice?

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Thursday June 9, 2005 -- 8:22:22 am
here's how they make lutifisk if anyone cares

FROM: Koji
DATE: Thursday June 9, 2005 -- 12:28:41 pm
I have eaten everything that I have come across: lamb head, fried blood, yogurt, roasted giant grasshoppers, cow tongue, jello, pig ears, ox tail, white bread. Pretty good stuff. Can't think of anything that I would call disgusting. There I thinks that I would no ask for first in a restaurant, like raw sushi shrimp but I tried it and it was ok.

FROM: Franklin
DATE: Thursday March 9, 2006 -- 6:41:19 am
Sprouts are the Devils snot rolled into slimy green balls.

FROM: Grandma
DATE: Thursday March 9, 2006 -- 5:48:11 pm
I've eaten (and enjoyed) a lot of things...haggis, black pudding, pigs feet, brains and eggs, chittlins, cow tongue, escargot, sushi of all sorts, alligator, raw oysters, mussels, clams. I try almost anything once as long as it isn't alive and moving around. I did have some ripe gorgonzola offered as a delicacy that I just couldn't appreciate, but I did give it a good try. There is also a cheese with maggots in it that is an Italian delicacy that I don't think I will try. One thing I regret trying was a fish eye handed to me by a wonderful old Greek woman who was an outstanding cook. It was way too fishy even though cooked. I didn't retch or gag... I save that reaction for smells. Do we want to get into wretched smells? I can go there....

FROM: Jeannie
DATE: Wednesday August 2, 2006 -- 9:09:22 pm
Pate is the worst. Ive tried difrerent varieties and just cant get over the taste. To the guy talking about Chesapeake Bay blue crabs..I grew up eating crabs and had a good laugh...When you eat crabs your not eating the guts and other junk..just the meat, preferebly the backfin. Its delicious. And softshell is the best. Delicious!

Sarah October 18, 2007, 2:05 pm

the most disgusting thing I tried last Saturday. It was part of a salad bar in a cannister next to pine nuts and spicy nuts. No label and no idea what they are. They looked like peas, round green, with a white coating, I thought possibly yogurt like is done with raisins. My daughter popped one in her mouth when we got to the table, I thought someone had hit her from behind the look on her face and she fumbled for a napkin to spit it out. She was 5, thought maybe a reaction to a new taste. I tried it, and did my best not to spit it out on the table. I have no idea what it is. DISGUSTING!! No idea who could ever eat it or why. It’s a hollow crunchy thing with the most awful taste imaginable.

CarbsRule July 16, 2008, 5:41 pm

Steamers – Ever seen these things ? People eat them right out of the ocean, steamed. It’s like a thick string of mucus dripping from the inside of a clam, with a puss-colored marble hanging from the end. You have to be drunk to eat these things, I know I would be – and even then, Id have enough common sense to just say no.

Isnt it funny how if you travel to a foreign country, and are presented with some revolting dish – you are accused of being rude and ingrateful if you refuse to eat it ? Isn’t it your host who is being rude by asking you to eat these kind of things ? Isnt it they who are rude for putting you in the uncomfortable position of having to place into your mouth, that which you wouldn’t dare touch with your hands ?

I love carbs – nice fresh white plain tasting foods like bread, rice, potato, and pasta. Nothing that ever breathed.

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