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June 21st, 2002

Does the i stand for ‘idiot’?

You use a Mac: great. You use a PC: wonderful. You connect to the Net with a TRS-80 and a 110-baud modem: kick ass. Point is: I don’t really care. However, I do care that Apple seems to want to make their users look like morons who use their mouse as a foot pedal.

Their latest set of ads target PC users looking to switch to a more friendly computer and OS. Without debating whether Mac or PC is better, let me just say that I think that if you can use one, it’s not that far of a leap to learn how to use the other. But Apple would have you think that their OS is the OS for Dummies, dummies like Liza Richardson. Liza is a DJ who was forced to use a PC. She was confused because “everything was unwieldy… I couldn’t keep track of how everything was filed.” Apparently the concept of directories and subdirectories was too difficult for this DJ to master. Let me tell you folks: things ain’t all that different over on the Mac. It’s a matter of preference, not a matter of switching to a computer that a primate could use.

I have no problem with Apple trying to gain some market share?they could use it, and besides, I use a PC but I like Macs just fine. And I like *nix just fine, too. But I think Apple is really missing the mark here by insulting their user’s intelligence by putting out ads that essentially say, “If you’re too stupid to spend a few minutes to learn how to use Windows, come to us! We’ll help you!”

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