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July 4th, 2002

A Salute to the Folding Lounge Chair

On this Independence Day, I want to offer up a salute to one of the finest inventions of the 20th Century: the folding lounge chair.

Many years ago, lawn chairs were known as being big, bulky things that only folded one way – and good luck to you if you started folding it up incorrectly. Yet, we lived with these lawn chairs for years – and they were the primary way of taking temporary seating to the beach and other outdoor activities.

Then, someone had an enlightened idea. “Can’t we put this chair into a soft, cylindrical bag?” And it was done.

There are now many varieties of folding lounge chairs. Mine has a cupholder, but that’s pretty much standard equipment. Some, like the one pictured above, have footrests. Some have headrests. Some have both. There are even “loveseats” that fold up into the same, easy-to-transport package.

It’s one of the best ideas in recent years, and a well-designed item. For that, Mr. or Ms. Inventor of the Folding Lounge Chair, I salute you!

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday July 4, 2002 -- 12:46:54 pm
you missed the most mportant feature- built in cup holders!

FROM: Chris
DATE: Thursday July 4, 2002 -- 12:47:30 pm
no you didn't - I just can't read. Good thing this wasn't a question on the SAT

FROM: King Random
DATE: Thursday July 4, 2002 -- 10:59:03 pm
Actually, it was. "#147 b: What feature was left out of this description of the lounge chair?
a:cup holder
b:foot rest
c:soda cooler

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday July 5, 2002 -- 3:36:22 pm
Who can forget the famous scene from Charlie Brown Thanksgiving where Snoopy gets into the boxing bout with the stubborn fifties era lounge chair that refuses to open correctly? The folding lounge chair is Americana.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday July 9, 2002 -- 12:25:15 am
I love those chairs. As I witnessed this past week in Illinois, fat dudes can break them easily.

FROM: Melanie Mason
DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2006 -- 10:07:08 am
Were can I buy one of these folding lounge chair that fits into a bag?

DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2006 -- 11:12:12 am
Apparently Melanie just emerged from her bomb shelter - 30 years after the news reported that Russian bombers were on route to her small Nebraska town.

FROM: Melanie Mason
DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2006 -- 9:59:44 pm
Sorry nit wit didn't realize you were the only one up to date with the lastest fashion in lounge chairs.

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