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August 11th, 2002

Cereal Spinner

Most of us have seen the Oxo Salad Spinner, but this morning I had a dream for a new “breakfast eating system” that I thought I’d share.

The first part was a cereal spinner, similar to the salad spinner, but taller. You put your cereal in, start spinning it, and then add any nuts and fruit that you want in your cereal. The spinning helps to evenly distribute the nuts and fruit amongst the flakes, guaranteeing that you’re not left with inordinate amounts at the bottom of your bowl.

The second part was a little stranger… it looked like a cookbook holder attached to a large piece of molded plastic. In the left part of the plastic was an indentation with room to hold a spoon. In fact, two plastic spoons were attached as part of the product… they looked like measuring spoons. In the center was a large hole to hold a cereal bowl… what I thought would be cool, though, was to just use this area to hold the cereal, without a bowl. The whole device was like a portable breakfast statiohn.

Why anyone would need either of these two imaginary products (especially the second one…), I’m not sure, but they certainly seemed like pure genius in my dream.

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