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August 12th, 2002

High School Novels

High school is a challenging time for most of us, but it also represents growth. For instance, learning about new means of expression; discovering attraction to other people; and, of course, the best way to stretch $2 into providing a full meal and beverage (a prerequisite for college).

Like most of you, I’d imagine, I took several years of English and Literature classes in high school. Some of them were tedious (memorizing various methods of comma usage), but I always remember looking forward to getting the semester’s book list with anticipation. Recently, I remembered a few of the novels we had to read… but only a few. I think years of reading novels I had no real interest in caught up with me.

My favorites? Easy. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou was one of my faves from Sophomore year. It was truly moving and engrossing – and took me someplace a book hadn’t, before. Also, The Merchant of Venice and Animal Farm were part of the required reading… but I didn’t enjoy the latter that much. There were some lines and phrases in My Antonia by Willa Cather that really stuck with me, and I can’t forget reading parts of A Streetcar Named Desire out loud in my Junior year English class. (Yes, I got to yell, “Stella!”)

Were there any books from high school that you remember reading and enjoying?

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