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September 18th, 2002


When I was growing up, our living room had something most living rooms had in the late 70s and early 80s: a large, furniture-like stereo unit. Ours resembled a modern day buffet table: wooden and wide, it concealed its record player and speakers. But man, did that thing sound good.

I remember when I started noticing my dad wearing headphones while listening to music. He’d put on something by Harry Chapin or the Moody Blues (particularly In Search of the Lost Chord), and plug in his large headphones. He’d then sit with me on the floor in front of the stereo. While I checked out the liner notes and packaging, he’d pay full attention to the music. And occasionally, I got a chance to wear those enormous headphones. The sound was amazing and totally blew me away.

Since then, I’ve taken a liking to large headphone sets that do a good job of blocking out other sounds. I don’t have a pair at the moment, though, and really do want one. I’m wondering what Pingers might recommend as a brand or model to check out. And, of course, do you like headphones?

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday September 18, 2002 -- 10:08:24 am
I really like my padded Sony headphones... they're nice-n-big and have a very full, warm sound (I'll have to check on the model). Unfortunately, the plastic-ish coating over the foam melted from our trip to Vietnam in '98.

I have a cheaper pair of large-ish Panasonic headphones that perform surprisingly well for their $25 price tag. See this brief review I wrote three years ago.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday September 18, 2002 -- 10:50:38 am
Mine are already packed for the move - so I can't say what brand they are - but I too like the "old school" style headphones. I have 50 feet of extension cord too so I can use them when I am in front of the PC.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday September 18, 2002 -- 5:32:20 pm
I have a bunch of pictures of my two year-old self wearing my dad's giant headphones. Those pics are so adorable. :-)

FROM: fractal
DATE: Thursday September 19, 2002 -- 10:36:59 am
I love my Sony MDR-V600's. Crystal clear and no outside noise heh heh. BTW a great CD for headphones is "Pretentious the Clarke and Ware experiment" Crazy sonic modeling!

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday September 20, 2002 -- 1:38:21 pm
My sister bought me some Optimus Nova 71 headphones from Radio-Shack for Christmas a few years ago. They are superior to any others I've had before. They are a larger sized model, but not too large that your entire ear is covered and they have superior sound. They can crank out the bass better than any of the past sony and aiwa ones I've owned before. I believe they are probably a pretty good price also, maybe between $20-$30. I get use out of them dj-ing, and listening to music.

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday October 16, 2002 -- 8:30:46 am
I'm approaching a decision on headphones... I've been able to narrow down a few Sennheiser models - the HD497 and the HD212 - that look rather nice for the cash outlay.

I was tempted by the Bang and Olufsen A8 earbuds - they contour to fit your ear and sound pretty darn good - but I don't need/want something that small. Plus they're $160.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday October 16, 2002 -- 9:22:40 am
Earbuds always hurt my ears after a few minutes... over-the-ear is the way to go.

The HD212 are "ideal for DJs," perfect for when you're spinning the hot wax at the club, DJ Paul.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday October 16, 2002 -- 10:37:38 am
That's DJ Fresh Paulie-Paul, and don't you forget it.

FROM: qwik
DATE: Wednesday October 16, 2002 -- 12:28:04 pm
I have a pai of son VDR-V700DJ headphones. they are about $120+ but are well worth the price.. very loud when you are DJing parties wherre there is a 1000 watt system you are playing on..

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Tuesday October 22, 2002 -- 12:12:00 am
Hey Paul, is this for your gig DJ'ing for that duet that Ryan's gonna' bust out on with Busta Rhymes? ;-)

Good question on finding a Sennheiser dealer in our area. Only place I can think of in that realm would be this place on Ogden Ave. out near York Rd. called "Audio Consultants", that usually specializes in high-end audio, but even I'm not sure on it because I've never gone in there. LoL The odds of finding this brand anywhere other than a high-end boutique place seems rather slim though. Sort of like trying to find Polk Audio or Carver anywhere in the area. Could always try!?

I have a decent pair of Sony headphones, model #MDR-CD60 that I purchased a few years ago. Those that know me know that I'm pretty much the least likely person to buy anything Sony (they're up there with my love for Microsoft and AOL), after considerable bad experiences (makes your Aiwa tale on BBS seem heavenly in comparison to Sony's record in my household), but... I just can't fault them. Excellent sound, respectable volume, comfortable ear pads (complete ear cover), and not a problem with them so far. They're almost spooky, I keep looking to see if there's another brand logo under the Sony on their grey outer shell.

Mind you I had it in mind to purchase a set of Kenwood's (big fan of their audio equipment) when I was in the market, but after dealing with a pair of Aiwa's that had a incurable cut in the cable (couldn't splice it back) I finally just bucked up and gave Sony one last try. The one item from them I've actually been pleased with.

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday October 22, 2002 -- 8:55:37 am
Thanks Marcus, but I ended up buying the 'phones through Amazon yesterday. I did see them at a local CompUSA (for $69), but couldn't try them. I'm risking it and saving almost $30 by buying from Amazon.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday November 8, 2002 -- 8:36:11 am
As a follow-up, the risk was well worth it. I purchased the HD-497s from Amazon, as you can see above, and received them about a week and a half ago. They are fantastic phones for the money. Treble is good and not too high; bass is very tight. It very infrequently bottoms out during something by, say, Cornershop but given that I don't listen to much with a lot of bass, it's all right.

I'm hearing things in my collection I haven't heard before, and that's a fantastic thing. Comfortable, cool-looking headphones for a very good price.

FROM: Masondixon
DATE: Thursday July 1, 2004 -- 10:08:35 pm
I have a pair of RS Nova 71 headphones that are very worn. They sound better than the $100 pair of Sennheisers I had for 10 years. I would like to replace this set if possible. I guess RS decided that they weren't worth keeping in stock. Stupid.

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DATE: Monday December 5, 2005 -- 3:42:09 am
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snakesting April 25, 2011, 12:46 am

RadioShack Optimus Nova 71’s are the best, I have a pair and am dreading the day that I have to replace them. I have listened to many headphones ranging up to $600 and have yet to find some that sound as good as my 71’s. Wish I had bought 10 of them.

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