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July 10th, 2011

Bluetooth? Nope! Just Kidding!

I’m pleased to tell you that The Daily Ping now offers an Oreo delivery service. Take a look at the left sidebar – you’ll see it at the very bottom. We’re using location services to determine where you are, so the first time you choose to activate the service, we’ll know right where you are. Just tell us how many packages you want, how you want to pay, and we’ll deliver fresh Oreos right to your door!

Oh, but do note that the delivery service is only available in select markets, certain browsers, and to certain people. Specifically, people who have purchased Daily Ping Premium. But we have a nice big spot there for everyone else to look at! It’s empty.

Now, now, I’m not trying to be cruel – really. And we’ve both been running to practice our on-time delivery skills, but we’re not planning to roll out to an Oreo delivery service this year. If I came to the site and found that there was something missing even though it was clearly available under some circumstances, I’d be a bit annoyed. And if it was something I really wanted, I’d be a little more annoyed!

This has been the case with… ready?… Bluetooth hands-free communication in cars. I rent cars regularly right now, and a good number of them from Nissan and Ford, at least, have included prominent phone buttons on their center stacks. But pressing this button just pops up a message on the radio saying, “NO PHONE“. And each time I’ve tried to find settings in the menu system or info on setting up Bluetooth in the manual to no avail. That’s because these radios don’t actually support Bluetooth audio. The button is there for radios that do support it.

It’s frustrating! Auto makers have been using blank or dummy buttons forever, but they’re usually… you know… blank. And non-functional. Having actual buttons there is almost certainly cheaper for the automakers but I can’t imagine I’m the only person who’s been duped by them.

Sorry about the Oreo delivery service, everyone. We’re working on it, but I think our book might happen first.

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