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September 21st, 2002

Question for Smokers

I have a question for the smokers (or ex-smokers) in the audience: what’s up with asking people if they have a light?

It seems strange to me that someone could be a smoker, carry their death sticks with them, but not carry something to light them with. Cigarettes you run out of as you smoke them, and you need to get more, so it’s understandable when you have to bum a ciggie from someone, but a lighter is something that you should carry with you like a wallet. If you’re going to have cigarettes taking up room in your pocket, how can you not have the standard, barely-ever-have-to-replace-it lighter right next to it?

I just don’t understand.

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FROM: teeinep
DATE: Saturday September 21, 2002 -- 1:58:53 pm
It's because someone is always asking you for a light, and when they're done using your Bic, they pop it into their shirt pocket and you don't even notice. Then later, when you go to light up and realize the last guy copped your lighter, it's your turn to ask for a light and try to scam a new Bic for yourself.

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Saturday September 21, 2002 -- 2:29:30 pm
I don't understand this either; I always carry either an extra lighter or at least a pack of matches in my purse. However, my boyfriend has bought and lost at least three lighters in the last two weeks - we have yet to figure out where they're all going. Perhaps the same place as the other sock resides.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday September 22, 2002 -- 12:49:21 am
A guy came up to some friends and myself in DC the other night with 2 questions. 1) Did we have any jacks? turns out that is the new hip slang word for cigarettes. 2) Could we spare some change?, since he needed to take the bus home to hook up his "asthma" machine he had in a plastic bag with him. Well, we didn't spare any change for someone who is "asthmatic" and asking for a cigarette, plus the bag had a phone book in it.

FROM: teeinep
DATE: Monday September 23, 2002 -- 11:19:31 am
Matt, next time, tell him to "go fish".

FROM: Erin
DATE: Thursday November 10, 2005 -- 2:56:47 pm
I'm actually researching the myth of the Bic lighter (how they always go missing), and am interested in the terminology people use regarding it. For example, has anyone ever heard of or used the phrase, "I've been bicced (note spelling is arbitrary)" when referring to the loss/theft of one's Bic lighter?

FROM: seriously evil
DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2006 -- 10:23:48 am
Go talk to a restaurant worker, in places that still allow smoking (if you can find one) when I waited tables someone always would be asking for a light, its a service industry, you light the smoke for them, fail to do that you get bicced, if you have been bicced 12 times in a month you bic your coworkers, I just carried 3 cheap lighters that were purple, no one is gonna swipe your purple lighter, and if they do well they can have it.

MUHAHAHAHA as for the guy who asks if i have a light when his cig is hanging out his mouth, well I just tell him "yes I do" and keep going. For the leach who asks if I have an extra smoke, I open my pack and start counting, right about the time he is drooling thinking hes made a score I tell him "sorry only 20 in this pack no extras this time" MUHAHAHAHAHA

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