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June 4th, 2012

Serving Sizes, So Silly

“30g OF PROTEIN PER BOTTLE!” the bottle said. I picked up the bottle of Bolthouse Farms’ Chocolate Protein Drink and thought, “Sure. Why not?” I turned the bottle in my hand to see the nutrition facts panel. 26g of sugar. Not bad, all things considered.

But later, after I bought it, I took a close look at the nutrition facts to find – surprise! – the bottle actually contained two servings, not one. Thus in order to get that 30g of protein, I needed to also have 52g of sugar.

Frankly, this type of packaging is deceptive crap. If the entire bottle isn’t one serving, then either a) make it so, or b) tell me what I’ll get in one serving, you jerks.

In contrast, Odwalla’s Vanilla Protein Monster features a serving size of… ready?… one bottle. So the 25g of protein is, in fact, for the entire bottle. I think I’ll stick with Odwalla.

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