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September 26th, 2002

K-Mart Forever

I must say I almost cried when I learned of K-Mart Forever. It’s a site devoted to people supporting K-Mart, even though the company is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Tell us your fun, touching, interesting or just plain weird stories that involve Kmart. Had a baby in a Kmart store? Conducted a local rally to support Kmart? Know a famous person who used to work at Kmart? Did a local newspaper or television station run a great story on your local Kmart? We want to hear about it!

Me too. Me too. It’s nice that some people are also giving back to the otherwise heartless giant corporation in its time of need. Just remember… when you needed pliers, an Icee, and a blender… K-Mart was there for you!

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FROM: Greg
DATE: Thursday September 26, 2002 -- 2:49:36 pm
I remember a time when I was at K-Mart with a good friend of mine. He was trying to buy about $6 worth of items, and decided to use the self-check out. After 20 minutes in line, and with absolutely no help from the employees, we finally were able to check out. I thought I was in Best Buy!

FROM: Patricia Heberer
DATE: Sunday July 20, 2003 -- 11:46:53 am
Your first mistake was going into a kmart. What a dive, what a dump! They should call it the disposable store because nothing they sell lasts for very long. I'm getting nausous just thinking about it. Gotta go!

FROM: P J Boyd
DATE: Thursday December 11, 2003 -- 1:48:45 am
Yes I was there when Kmart needed me, when I learned of the impending bankruptcy I bought shares of KMART stock hoping my contribution might be a drop in the bucket to help. Then to show their appreciation KMART showed their true colors and greed and cancelled all common stock issued before their emergence from chapter 11,without so much as an appology to shareholders. So when KMART finally goes under I will stand up and applaud.

FROM: John
DATE: Wednesday January 21, 2004 -- 7:18:30 pm
I can't blame you for being angered at what happened with the kmart stock, but that is actually quite standard in chapter 11 preceedings. Also the people that caused the company are no longer there. And wether or not you belive it customer service is the number one concern of the company. Also if Kmart were to go under, that would be thousands of people looking for new jobs. Not cool in today's job market.
Go Kmart!! Right Here. Right Now. Go Kmart!!

Kmart has been in your local communities for at least the last 30 years or more. support the stores that have supported your communities.

The Kmart Corp is going in the right Direction finally. They have gotten rid of those that took the company under and are starting out in a new and fresh direction putting customer care at the #1 job of employees.

Go Kmart!! Right Here. Right Now. Go Kmart!!

FROM: JoN_jOn19
DATE: Monday February 16, 2004 -- 9:34:10 pm
I love Kmart, I Visited a Kmart store this weekend that I Have not been I in a while and it has inproved greatly, there are headed in the right direction.

FROM: LadyBirm1
DATE: Friday February 27, 2004 -- 10:31:51 pm
I have worked for K Mart for 29 years
they only had me listed for 17 and did not want to give me back my time
so I faxed them all of my w-2s and called the IRS guess what? They found my time I am now retiring K Mart is not run well at all and it would take too much money to save it.I remember when the company had self respect but even then they treated their employees horribly.They made Sam Walton so mad that even his legacy is to destroy K Mart,Walmart is doing an excellent job.

FROM: Andrew Hahn
DATE: Sunday March 14, 2004 -- 12:42:36 am
Kmart is an excellent store! They are the best out there! I will support Kmart FOREVER! Nobody beats Kmart!! This world couldn't survive without them.

FROM: Donny Ganey [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 8:16:36 am
Well I have had nothing but pleasant experiences a my local kmart. The staff was helpful and friendly and there products are a good value.

FROM: Clem Dodgers [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 8:18:24 am
I used to work at Kmart. I did not have a pleasant experience working there. I was consantly harrassed by the cashiers. I have a fine butt but people think otherwise. Kids come in and throw rocks at me and tease me. I hope that god awful store gets closed.

FROM: Eric rutherford
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 8:23:53 am
god is a piece of shit. I fucked his mom last night. KMART is the home of white trash.

FROM: Chris Campbell
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 8:35:44 am
your store is the worst place to shop in the world. the employees are fat retarded and dont know what the hell there doing.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 9:16:02 am
Dumb-ass alert!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 9:57:14 am
"Fat retarded." Is that like saying "mad retarded" or "wicked retarded?"

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:25:24 am
Fat retarded is like saying Ryan you are an assclown. I hate Kmart and I hope there store burns down. If your working at Kmart and are getting misstreated, tough shit. Thats your problem you didnt do your homework and you fucked up in school. Sorry but thats the truth.

FROM: panchovilla [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:30:35 am

DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:31:04 am

DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:31:35 am

FROM: John Coaloak
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:32:40 am
Wells, I aints the brightester persion in teh world buut when I gits a rolling i gits a rollin. Dunt make a me mad boy.

FROM: What the F***
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:33:07 am
greg cohan has a enlarrged mullet and looks like a rat fink on crack.....suck that one u crazy a hole

FROM: panchovilla
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:34:12 am
well John Coaloak you suck ass

FROM: greg cohan
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:35:28 am
hey man i did nuttin to u.....and yes i do suck and look likea rat fink on crack....but ... but....but im normal like everyone esle (so says mom)

FROM: Mike Landry
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:37:23 am
Well Hello lads, I find there is absolutely no need to start flaming other people on their opinions. My name is Mike Landry, im 5'9 and i live in Hamilton MA. My dad works at Kmart as a bag boy and my mom is the superviser. I get free Kmart clothes.

FROM: Mike
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:38:14 am
GREG U SUCK...simple

FROM: dale m
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:39:28 am

FROM: Clem Dodger
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:40:21 am
Well howdy doodey, how yizalls doin'. I posted earlier but I had a stroke so i couldnt finish up. What I was gonna say was Kmart sucks the big one, so does Mike Landry.

FROM: chip
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:40:42 am

FROM: chip
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 8:40:42 am

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 10:35:29 am
I love K-mart. They have better quality for children's clothes than Target.
These types of stores are here for the consumer who doesn't have alot of money. If they were not here, then you would have to buy everything at Meyer and Frank, which is very expensive.
I would hate to see another store go under. When Monty wards closed, there were a lot of people without jobs. We can not afford anymore layoffs. These stores like K-mart give young people just fresh out of High School an opportunity for experience. Whether you stay there forever or mature to further your education, that is all up to the individual. But I still vote for K-mart the value store.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Tuesday April 13, 2004 -- 11:17:45 am
Hey twinlovinit, go get a job and stop complaining you lazy asshole. If you dont like expensive clothes then earn some fucking money. Boo Hoo, I dont give a shit about the people who lost there jobs. That's there fault they fucked themselves over inschool and didnt care about it. Now there sitting in Kmart puttin pirace tags on clothes. An by the way, how the hell will I mature and get further education for working at Kmart. What? Am I going to get a job working at a bank because I know how to stock shelves? YOUR WRONG, NOW PLEASE SHUT UP YOU DOPEY TWAT. Dont bother posting here again because all your doing is poluting the world with stupidness.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday April 13, 2004 -- 12:35:27 pm
Interesting that someone criticizing someone else's education has so many typos and grammatical errors (I counted 18 in that one paragraph). Not really surprising, though.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday April 13, 2004 -- 9:43:07 pm
The fact that he couldn't even couldn't spell the name of the person he was insulting says quite a bit.

FROM: lol
DATE: Wednesday April 14, 2004 -- 10:08:50 pm
you two guys are fucking retards, relax you fucjing bitches. i bet you guys work at Kmart

FROM: Ed Sandell
DATE: Wednesday April 14, 2004 -- 10:20:40 pm
Yeah, that's pretty funny right dave and ryan? I'm sorry my school can't afford spell check on there shitty computer's. I didn't mean to upset you bitches that much. But what I said was the truth, if you work at Kmart because your a lazy asshole and don’t do shit, well then I hope you fucking die. But if you work there because that's the only job you can get, well i am sorry but you still suck. And if you think that dopey twats aren’t words, well it is. That's all for now homo's cya all later.

FROM: Richie Campana
DATE: Thursday April 15, 2004 -- 7:56:38 am
Hey Dave Wells why dont you shut the fuck up and suck my fat hairy dick i bet you dont even have a fucking job

FROM: MIke Tyson
DATE: Thursday April 15, 2004 -- 7:59:06 am
Well hello kidz, its me your good pal Mike Tyson. I know many of you hate me but the truth is me an ivander have become good friends. I think Kmart sucks, i bougt a pair of boxing gloves there and they broke the first day. I was reall y exicted about my new gold gloves but the truth was they were fakes. I guees my storyu is trying to mean that wehn we go to BK get the large whopper with eggs on it.

FROM: Ghon
DATE: Friday May 14, 2004 -- 7:08:58 am
Hey, howdy y'all.

DATE: Wednesday November 17, 2004 -- 1:01:09 pm
Nov 17, 2004 - KMART buys SEARS!!!!
Only in America can a company use the money it made from bankrupcy (screwing the shareholders) to buy a Fortune 500 loser like SEARS! SEARS had already bought about 500 KMART stores. Something fishy? You bet, and the idiots are buying the stock like crazy! Want to make some money? Short 1,000 shares and wait for the combined LOSERSr to file bankrupcy in 5 years!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday December 17, 2004 -- 1:13:33 pm
Wow. Who'd've thought that the K-Mart topic would unleash so much hostility and aggression?

Richie Camapana, you should be ashamed of yourself for that use of language.

I agree with JeffY, the taxpayers get it up the butt all day long when these big companies file bankruptcy. I love it. Why do they get to file bankruptcy? Why don't the million dollar CEOs just do without some pay for a little while? In the butt, in the butt, in the butt--that's what living in the good old U.S. is all about.

And now consumer interest rates have been hiked. What a country. Free sex all day long from the big companies to you. Bend over.

FROM: Christine
DATE: Sunday February 27, 2005 -- 9:28:11 pm
I got fired from kmart for not going out in the cold and getting carts at 10:00 at night. Im 18, 115 lbs. Ya okay make me go out there alone. Once i walk into that store i know im going to have a bad day. I was harrassed and pushed and i told the managers and they do nothing. Everyone that works at my kmart is rude, dont shower, and there RUDE! We are there to help the customers.. *not at kmart* Im a lil girl and i work in every department because we are to poor to afford others and they make me lift furniture all by myself. No one will help me! How do i do something about this. The managers just sit on there butt and dont help. Im tired of this shit hole. HELP

FROM: Josh
DATE: Friday March 11, 2005 -- 1:33:06 pm
You guys are all fucking retards, anybody look at their share prices from 2003 to now? Maybe if you weren't so caught up in what Kmart looks like and had a sense for business you might not have to shop there.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday March 11, 2005 -- 1:53:35 pm
More hostile language. What is it about KMart that brings out the best in people?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday March 11, 2005 -- 6:14:03 pm
Josh: You guys are all fucking retards, anybody look at their share prices from 2003 to now?

Ping date: Thursday, September 26 2002

Case closed. Nice language, too, there.

FROM: Fernando Rodriguez
DATE: Tuesday July 12, 2005 -- 12:11:50 pm
I am 17 and i work at kmart because i am a teenager and theres not much more that i can do, however the managers that work there are very lazy and for the most part they don't really do anything. The stock people are the ones who have to do all the work, and whoever said something about kmart people are fat retards i am happy to say you are right. We have one fat ass woman who is like 50 and 200 pounds, looks like a hells angel and has a mustache. Then we have a manager who can't speak correctly and looks like a fish, not to mention Dave who is an assistant manager who resembles Bert from Seseame Street. The fat ass middle age woman that work there do practically nothing, bitch and complain and cannot go one sentence without using the word "Yonder". I would also like to add that 90% of the white trash community shops at kmart, the other 10% probably gets their shit from landfills, or dumpsters i don't know i guess which ever one is more convenient. Also you guys would not believe how many foreigners come into the store. I am hipanic but my folks came here like a hundred years ago. We have all these fucking indians, russians, and chinese people who can barely speak english but its not really their fault i am sure they're trying as hard as they can its just hard to understand them. I don't hold anything against them though. The quality of the merchandise that kmart has in invintory is shit do not ever buy anything there unless drinks or things like that. Its also really annoying how more than 75% of all the merchandise we carry is without a price tag.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday July 12, 2005 -- 1:39:21 pm
Well, at least you don't believe in stereotypes.

FROM: Sarah
DATE: Monday July 18, 2005 -- 12:12:07 am
I work at kmart as a summer job, and I absolutley hate it. Because so many people were hired at the same time as me, our manager decided that none of us needed to go through proper training. So far I haven't been paid for like 20 hours of work, and have been harassed by customers who assume I'm stupid because I work at a Kmart. That I understand, because let's face it, I work at fucking Kmart. Better yet, the store is closing at the end of the summer, and I'm also getting asked what it is I will do for my next job. When I tell the customers I'm going back for my sophomore year of college, they give me the, sure you are, dear kind of look. Oh well, I'm sure in the long run this is a good life lesson or some kind of shit. Eloquent, I know...

FROM: Shaowr8th
DATE: Sunday September 18, 2005 -- 6:47:37 pm
I work for K-mart as a department lead and was asked to work on overnights to put out my departments freight only to find out a few months later that my job was eliminated due to sears changing things.
Talk about being sneaks and not having any honor to tell me to my face of the changes.
The atmosphere in store 9133 in rio grande from a friendly work environment to a hostile one where every hourly employee must watch his or her back from the double dealing of the Store manager and Eddie lampert.
I for one hope kmart/sears goes belly up and i will dance on their grave.

Thanks Jim Ney and Eddie lampert.

FROM: Kevin [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday December 2, 2005 -- 8:41:22 pm
On a recent night time News report, 20 20 or Dateline, it was reported that K-Mart is the only retailer still selling Plan B the morning after pill. Several other retailers refuse sell it. K-mart like Sears does not give a shit about anything but profit. Remember, profit comes first. They tell you how great they are and what savings they have for you. Bullshit. They could care less.
Every time that you shop K-Mart you feed the greedy horse
Martha Stewart and the Sears Executive Alan J. Lacy. Either of these two care about you or anyone else. Don't Shop K-Mart or Sears. It won't be long before K-Mart uses Sears slogin, Good Life, Great Price. Bullshit.

FROM: Bryce
DATE: Thursday February 16, 2006 -- 11:06:56 pm
I have been working at BGM ( Big Gay Mart ) for about six months now, and all I got to say is that store management and corporate management suck. They only care about profit and dont give a shit about the consumer or there employees. The management at our store are a bunch of slave driving Nazi's. On top of that our store manager ( Hitler) just celebrated her 82nd birthday a few weeks back. I mean she is never going to retire and is going to kick the bucket at K-mart i know it. Several years back we had a serious flood in our city that called for a complete evacuation of our entire city, and I was told from employees that have been there for a long time that she wouldn't leave, she was going to go down with the store, just like a sea captain going down with his boat. Yup Morale is low at our k-mart.

On a side note I am 19 going to college and working up at Customer Service, where i get told from customers at least once a day that they are going to go shop at Wal-mart. To which i reply, " good, I don't blame you."

FROM: Neil Zellner
DATE: Thursday March 2, 2006 -- 8:32:25 pm
During the nearly 10 years I worked at Kmart:

I watched employyes and customers steal (without telling management).
I knowingly sold items in electronics that were already on LayAWay.
I took items that were on LayAWay and returned them to the sales floor.
I encouraged customers to shop at the competition.
I laughed when they filed Chapter 11.

FROM: Neil Zellner
DATE: Thursday March 2, 2006 -- 8:34:15 pm
I forgot to say that someone must have advertised Kmart in a gay porno magazine. There were always guys having sex in the men's room.

FROM: foxycat33
DATE: Sunday March 12, 2006 -- 10:03:41 am
I recently visited a K mart and not only did I find the best deals on the planet, but I found a penny. And that penny changed my life.
here, let me start from the beginning.

Let me start off by telling you that being broke is not fun. OK, here we go. I have a disease. It is not an actual disease, but I like to tell people that I have one, just so they be nice to me. I was in debt 3 bagillion kammiellion fabillion dollars. and I needed a place to buy items that were cheeeeeprrrr than other store cause shit man I was all fucked up in that shit. Then I found Kmart, and I immeadiatly fell in love. I bought everything I wanted for cheap. IT WAS GREAT! Im not really sure what the penny has to do with anything, buuuuuuuuuutttt who gives a damn. I founda pennie


hey yo. Jack and Jill went up a hill, but Jack fell down and broke his grill. Now Jill was crying but still. Her ex Richard rode up in a cadillac Deville. Now see Richard rode high on the law, but Jill didn't see no reason to unstrap her bra. When Jack woke up he found his heart left wide open but only to see his 10 K grill on the ground broken. With Rich and Jill going at each other still, housekeeping really wanted the bill for real. Jack wanted death to rich and jill, he'll do anything just to kill. With a warning from a friend Rich and jill got worried. Gathered up their stuff and out the door hurried. With Jack on their tail, and baseball sized hale, Rich told Jill to stay at the hotale.

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FROM: Janae
DATE: Monday August 7, 2006 -- 10:52:23 am
I find this whole page of comments to be ridiculously entertaining. I worked at Kmart for three years -- my sophomore, junior and senior years of college. I worked in nearly every department including all of apparel, the jewelry counter, the service desk, the garden center, domestics, electronics, the check-outs (sometimes as a checker, sometimes as a supervisor) and in the office/cash cage counting what little money Kmart made each day.

It sucked, but I met a lot of great people working there, and I have a lot of great stories. I am writing a book someday.

Like the lady who SWORE TO GOD she bought this coat at Kmart and she told me I had better return it 'or else.' I told her we had never carried that brand. She yelled at me for an hour and took down our manger's home phone number. I called Target. They carried it.

We had this pervert who would call in and ask if we had adult size diapers. His story changed each time. Once he was "going to be a baby for Halloween." Another time, he was "going to wear one for his sister's baby shower." Once he needed to know if he could try them on in our fitting rooms. Another time, he said he had three sons, a three year old, a twelve year old, and an eighteen year old and he needed to know which one was wetting the bed. He also called in one day and said his son pees when he spanks him. "Would boxers or briefs be better?" he asked. We had permission to hang up on him.

An old woman once showed me her boobs while I was working in ladieswear. They were saggy and located at her belt. It was horrifying. She just wanted my help finding some undergarments...

An old man came in looking for underwear to "bury his dead aunt in." He didn't like the grandma panties I showed him, so he bought her mens' boxer briefs. He looked at me and said, "And I can keep the other one for myself!"

I was accused of "false advertising" because a sign that read "all gloves 50% off" didn't apply to hats.

I found a pair of jeans in the fitting rooms. Someone had pissed in them, changed clothes, and left them for me to take care of. Thanks.

People repeatedly had sex in the fitting rooms. I have cleaned up customers' puke, shit and piss, and I have found more than one dirty diaper in the fitting rooms.

An old guy ripped my ass because I refused to return a box of opened diarhea pills. His wife had taken two of them, but he couldn't understand why I wouldn't return opened/used medication.

I have had my ass ripped because our ad suppossedly said "ALL JEANS ARE 25% OFF!" Yeah, the lady showed me her ad. It was a Wal Mart ad.

I've caught people flat out stealing. I've caught people switching tags. I've caught people moving sale signs to different racks. I've caught people moving merch. under sale signs. People have no shame.

I watched an old lady return Monostat 7. She proceeded to tell us about the reaction her vagina has to it.

There is a customer named Marla who used to come in several times a week. We all ran from her. She talks for hours and you get nothing done. She also returns everything she buys. For instance, I got cornered one night and had to show her watches at the jewelry counter. She talked to me for an hour about how she wonders if the leather was also made in Indonesia, or if just the watch part was. She wonders if when they made the watch, if the original battery was made in America and if they set the watch to their time zone before they sent it. She once saw a documentary on Indonesia. What a beautiful country. Her mother had a similar watch once. Etc etc etc... She once returned a lamp because she called the fire department and even though they said it was NOT a fire hazzard, she was concerned and she did some research and these lamps are 3% more likely to start a fire than these other lamps, although the color did match her sofa nicely... She returned spatulas four months after she bought them (we have a 90 day policy, how did she get away with this?) because she thought they might be a health hazzard. She got them too close to her mixer and they chipped a little. Idiot.

There was an old lady in a wheelchair who came in once a week or so. She always made me help her and she would cry everytime and say she wished I was her daughter and "would you drive me to colorado" and she would ask me where the black skirt with the red stripe she saw last week was. I would say we don't have one, but then I looked anyway. Then she would say "No, it's red with a white stripe" so I would look, no luck. "No no, I know I saw it. It was red with a black and white stripe on each side." This sort of thing would go on for hours. She also came in trying to return earings she bought off an infomercial on tv.

One night this guy hit on me at a bar and gave me his card inviting me back to his hotel. (I didn't go.) The next day, I sold him an ENGAGEMENT ring for his girlfriend at the jewelry counter. He didn't look me in the eye once.

In apparel, we'd have to go through and straighten all the clothes for the end of the night. Inevitably, some bitch would come through and unfold every size of every color of every shirt on a table and then she'd just leave them there. Then I'd find frozen food items in the shoe department, or movies in the infants department. These same people would try on 50 outfits and leave them destroyed in the fitting rooms. Then they'd leave their cart in the middle of the parking lot.

I saw a comment on here earlier about a girl who had to lift furniture herself. I did that a lot too. I usually did my own carry-outs if we didn't have a stockman that day, and I went out and got carts a lot as well.

Someone made this comment earlier:

"everyone that works at my kmart is rude, dont shower, and there RUDE!" -- To that I just want to say: You used the wrong form of the word "They're." Fucking idiot. I bet you shop at Kmart all the time.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday August 7, 2006 -- 11:52:02 am
Great comment, Jenae. If you write a book, I'll buy it.

C December 23, 2006, 12:04 pm

Ive recently started working for a kmart cos of christmas recruiting and i hate kmart and all its customers…. i hate the people i work with… kmart sucks

noname April 24, 2007, 3:51 am

So what if my english and grammar are bad. I work at Kmart big whoop. I have worked there a long time. I now work for twenty-tweens who are lazy idiots. They are the esteemed kmart asst mgrs. They do not know their butts from a hole in the ground, but they are smart enough to figure out how to get the few employees who are working to do their job too so that they can sit around in the office and eat, do their hair, do their nails, and talk on their cell phones. I lift furniture, pools, swingsets, bring in carts, load dirt, anything else heavy, and yet the mgrs. want me to have override numbers because they are too lazy to walk upfront to do an override. The audacity of these little twits whom between the 2 of them don’t have a year in at kmart.
Janae, I may write the book first. I don’t know who is more rude the customers or the mgrs. I have a similar story for all the ones you told. I think it should be required for all people to do mandatory service in a retail store, just like the military maybe then they would treat “lowly, unintelligent, clerks” better. Oh, and sometimes I act dumb to customers who are really bad, its really frustrating for them when they can’t get anywhere with a dummy.

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