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November 8th, 2002

Good Deals

If there’s anything I enjoy… I mean really enjoy… it’s a great deal on something. For instance, remember when I brought up headphones? I ended up getting a pair via Amazon. Their price was half that of a local store ($45 v. $90!) and I also had a $5 off coupon from Celestial Seasonings Tea. Really. The pair was shipped for free, and I felt like a champion of money.

Consistently, though, there are a few sites that help me feel that way. SlickDeals is a great, non-cluttered resource for many odd/good deals (free Coke at Target, for instance.) Then there’s the vintage Amazing Bargains, which has almost too many deals to mention. DealNews is a fine place for techie goods and general store coupons; its companion site DealMac is for Mac fiends.

And some guy by the name of Ryan MacMichael has compiled a few resources of his own.

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