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November 24th, 2002

Browser Check

Which browser is your primary browser, and why?

I’m using Mozilla 1.1 on OS X. I did upgrade to 1.2, but due to a couple of niggling bugs, I downgraded. I also tried Chimera, which is the OS X native port, and liked it quite a bit. It’s missing the ability to block images from servers, though, so it won’t be back in the rotation until it can.

And as a designer, I find that Internet Explorer in general has become the “worst” browser. Though Mosaic is probably worse nowadays.

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Mac February 21, 2008, 3:55 pm

Netscape Navigator , the coolest feature I like in new version is that : when I click on any link for opening in new window & then I click back it take me back to source page 🙂 …

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