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November 24th, 2002

Browser Check

Which browser is your primary browser, and why?

I’m using Mozilla 1.1 on OS X. I did upgrade to 1.2, but due to a couple of niggling bugs, I downgraded. I also tried Chimera, which is the OS X native port, and liked it quite a bit. It’s missing the ability to block images from servers, though, so it won’t be back in the rotation until it can.

And as a designer, I find that Internet Explorer in general has become the “worst” browser. Though Mosaic is probably worse nowadays.

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday November 24, 2002 -- 7:45:04 pm
Mozilla 1.0 0r 1.1, depending on the computer. Both are running Winblows

FROM: Qwik
DATE: Sunday November 24, 2002 -- 9:27:34 pm
what would you say the best FREE browser would be for Windows XP in terms of speed and relability and of course... NO Advertising..


FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday November 25, 2002 -- 9:14:01 am
Opera's free version has advertising, but it's very minimal and doesn't really take up usable screen space. Otherwise, definitely Mozilla.

My order of browser preference is Opera followed by Mozilla, and IE only when testing sites or using one of those poorly designed sites that only works in IE.

FROM: Vince
DATE: Wednesday November 27, 2002 -- 10:57:16 am
Generally, I use Mozilla 1.1, but today, I feel all Internet Explorer-ey.

I fear and shun Netscape 7. It was Mozilla until the dark side claimed it.

Opera seems to do the trick, but I forget to use it.

Konqeror works well in Linux, but when I just want to play Diablo II, I have to be in Windows on my P3-500. Perhaps a faster machine could emulate Windows well enough to play in Linux.

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Wednesday November 27, 2002 -- 4:09:24 pm
Even though it's not up to par with the other's feature for feature, I'm sorta smitten by Phoenix on Windows. It's similar to the idea of Chimera for Mac (also quite good if you can run OS X, I still use a mixture of Netscape 7/IE 5.x on the Mac, simply because you have to do some serious workarounds to get Flash movies to remotely work, and even then they have tons of issues), as it's basically a build of Mozilla minus all of the funkiness in proprietary interface. It has all of the features I need, and it's handling of Pop-ups is the most unique and appreciated out there. It merely hides them, with a notification via an icon in the progress bar at the bottom (to the left).

It's only at .4, but it's super fast, both in interface and stability (so far). It also has a no-nonsense interface design, and doesn't come with so many bloated features that it discombobulates the user experience.

Vince: [i]"I fear and shun Netscape 7. It was Mozilla until the dark side claimed it.

When did Microsoft start making Navigator (note: yes I know that Navigator and IE are distant cousins, being based on the original NCSA/Spyglass code)? ;) LoL I agree, AOL isn't much better, but at least they're not forcing anyone by default to install/use their software, and to some people their product is a service. I do even have to admit that while their software is often crappy, poorly written, and full of backdoors (hmmm... sorta' like Outlook ;) ) it does have a more simplified interface for those that can't figure it all out (and honestly, good interface design is good interface design, irregardless of how pretty or how adept you are; for dial-up, AOL might well be the best designed from start to finish, and not as quirky in behavior as some alternatives which have arguably better service [i.e. Earthlink]). Not to mention, like Microsoft with their MacBU on the Mac, AOL finally got a clue and diversified the interface in preference to the end user's for the specific platforms, and they integrated Gecko instead of Tasman... which means ::gasping:: the Mac version of AOL could well be the best version? ::stunned:: Now only if they carried pop-up blocking into the design. :D ::chuckling:: Yeah... riiiiiiight. LoL

Mac February 21, 2008, 3:55 pm

Netscape Navigator , the coolest feature I like in new version is that : when I click on any link for opening in new window & then I click back it take me back to source page 🙂 …

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