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December 21st, 2002

Is it just me…

… or does it not even really feel like the holiday season? Sure, there’s Christmas music in the stores and lights up around town, and even though we have a fully decorated tree in our house, something this year feels… weird…

Maybe it’s that we didn’t put up our outdoor lights this year because the snow and ice early in the month prevented us (er, my wife) from getting up on the roof. Or maybe it’s because Thanksgiving was so late in the month this year, that we were thrown right into the holiday season without any time to unwind and prepare for the onslaught of cheer.

It’s strange, though. We went and picked out a tree and cut it ourselves. Can’t get more Christmas-y than that. And we’ve been writing cards and buying presents all month. Our kitchen table looks like it’s been wrapped itself with all the wrapping paper everywhere. Shoot, I even put a holly and berries on my web site logo. But there’s just something that doesn’t feel very holiday-like this year…

Anyone else feel the same way? Or am I looney?

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