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December 22nd, 2002

Holiday Tip: Use Extended Post Office Hours

Ryan is taking over the Ping this week, while Paul treks across Antarctica in search of lost civilizations.

Here’s a tip: if you have holiday mailings to send (or, really, any mailings to send), go during your post office’s extended holiday hours.

We got a notice the other day that our town’s post office would be open until the late afternoon on Saturday and for part of the day on Sunday. I was debating yesterday whether I should try to get to the post office early, or if I should wait until later in the day, hoping that people would not have known about the extended hours. I waited until about 2pm and turns out I made a good choice. I was in and out, six packages mailed, in under five minutes. The postal employee told me that earlier in the day, the post office was crowded beyond belief.

So: hit the post office today (if your local branch is offering extended hours) and mail out any of those packages that are sitting by your door. The experience will be much more pleasant than any other post office experience you’ve ever had.

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FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday December 22, 2002 -- 11:46:45 am
So true! As the resident retail guru (can I put that on my resume?), I like to shop at strange times so that I am the only customer in the building. Wait, that makes me sound psycho. Sorry, that's just the result of selling over 30,000 items this past week! Happy mailing to all, and may deliver what they promised to have on your doorstep by 12/24. :o)

FROM: aharris
DATE: Sunday December 22, 2002 -- 10:11:51 pm
I concur. I did the same thing yesterday and it wasn't as nearly as crowded as I thought it would be.

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