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December 26th, 2002

A DVD Feature I’d Like to See

Ryan continues to cover for Paul this week while he tries to “find himself” at a monestary in Ireland where they don’t allow access to the Ping.

While watching Scooby-Doo (the movie), I noticed that even though the movie is targeted generally towards kids, there were some things in the movie I’d rather not have my 3 or 4-year old hear, like the phrases “whoop ass” and “scrote,” even though the rest of the movie may not be all that objectionable. Then I thought of a feature that should be relatively simple to add to DVDs: the option to “sanitize” the dialogue for a movie. Enabling this feature would simply drop out any questionable dialogue, making it safer for younger ears. It would allow total parental control, and at the same time let adults watch movies that contain profanity within earshot of their younger children.

I wouldn’t want to get all crazy with branch controlling to allow automatic bypass of otherwise objectionable scenes, but offering dialogue sanitizing as an option might be a good thing.

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