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December 27th, 2002

Another Tip: Calendars

Earlier in the week I mentioned that making use of extended post office hours was a good idea because very few people do. Well, since I’m always looking out for you, the faithful Pingers, I have another shopping tip for you: buy your calendars on New Year’s Day.

Bookstores normally sell calendars for $10-15, which is pretty expensive. What other paperback 12-page books would you buy for that much money? Well, January 1st seems to be the magic day when bookstores (at least the big chains) discount their calendars by 50%. At this point, the calendar selection is still pretty good and you can get some decent bargains. You can wait a couple more weeks and get 75% off, but by that point the selection has diminished to the Pekingese-a-Day and Midgets of the WWE calendars.

Join me on New Year’s Day (or the day after) and let’s buy some calendars!

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