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January 7th, 2003

Joe Millionaire

TV has definitely hit a nadir with Joe Millionaire. That said, I watched it last night. It’s my duty to you, after all.

In this “little $50 million lie” that has 20 women competing for the heart of an average construction worker (who really is anything but average, but then again the truly “average” construction worker on a show like this wouldn’t exactly be compelling TV… or would it?) that has recently come into a large fortune. Of course, this is FOX and Evan ain’t no millionaire. Not in the least. The question above this one-time-only type of show is: will the woman that Evan falls for stay with him when he confesses that he only makes $19,000 a year?

But what’s interesting about this show isn’t seeing which women are “real” and which are simply golddiggers (that all became painfully obvious on the first episode), or even what the women will do in this competition for Evan’s affection. What’s most worth watching is Evan (that sexy thang!) and how he eventually realizes that his deception could very well stand between him and the women he actually falls in love with. He grapples with the reality of starting a relationship with a gigantic lie in front of a national audience. And more importantly, he almost falls off his horse because he’s never ridden one before. That was priceless.

The first show wasn’t terribly compelling due mainly to low production values (which I didn’t think possible in a gorgeous chateau on a French island) and some painfully awkward characters (the butler). The novelty of yelling, “You’re going to get yours!” to the Heidi (aka The Biggest Golddigger of Them All) wore off after a few minutes. But I think that seeing Evan squirm and occasionally fall off a horse will make this worth tuning into for at least the finale.

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FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday January 7, 2003 -- 8:48:51 am
A co-worker and I were discussing the show yesterday and decided it'd be a lot more fun if the guy was really ugly. It just seems like it has more entertainment potential.

FROM: vlm
DATE: Tuesday January 7, 2003 -- 12:42:24 pm
I watched this show only to have something to discuss with my coworkers (it's a very small office). It was truly horrifying. Had to shower afterward to rid myself of the disgust.

And yeah, it'd be *waaaay* better if the guy were really ugly. Because at least he'd know it was all about the Benjamins.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday January 7, 2003 -- 1:52:33 pm
I never tend to watch any of these reality tv shows, however an ad for a new one I saw has me awaiting it. I don't remember the exact name but WB is taking 7 "x-superstars" and putting them in a house together. The four that were most prominently featured in the adds were Hammer, Emanuel Lewis, Gabrielle Carteris, and Corey Feldman. The entertainment value alone of seeing Emanuel Lewis and Corey Feldman together makes this a must see.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday January 7, 2003 -- 5:31:40 pm
I finally saw that a for that today, Matt. All I have to say is: "wow."

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday January 7, 2003 -- 6:41:54 pm
I like that this guy expects to fall in love over the course of the show. Of course, love is just that easy.

FROM: dave
DATE: Tuesday January 7, 2003 -- 8:58:42 pm
I think it would be even better if the guy was ugly and REALLY had a ton of deception necessary.

FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday January 7, 2003 -- 10:23:48 pm
Don't you think that half of the women are "aspiring" actresses or models and are just doing it for exposure? Would you really want to "fall in love" in front of millions of people? What happened to privacy?

I liked watching him squirm when the woman asked about his middle name.

AND! Hey, there's a Ping connection here! The host is Alex McLeod (sp?), the original host of Trading Spaces!

Still trying to find a dress that fits, I must say good night.

FROM: aharris
DATE: Wednesday January 8, 2003 -- 4:16:10 am
Yeah, I noticed Alex too. But is it just me or was she a *major* bitch on TS? She would get together w/ Doug (the BIGGEST moron) and basically trash the other ppl on the show behind their backs...I guess they would forget they were being filmed ;)

FROM: vlm
DATE: Wednesday January 8, 2003 -- 11:27:59 am
Well, Alex McLeod is no Carol Smilie, but she's at least as charming as Paige, the current host.

It'd certainly add to "Joe Millionaire" if one of the ladies' activities was to come up with outfits for each other, a la "Trading Spaces" as applied to fashion. Of course, they'd never allow 20 muu-muus in primetime, even on Fox.

FROM: Fred
DATE: Tuesday January 28, 2003 -- 9:11:28 pm
I usually avoid these reality shows like the plague but this one has got me hooked. It's just satisfying to know that these women would not fall so hard or so fast for him if it wasn't for the $50M!

FROM: Fred
DATE: Tuesday January 28, 2003 -- 9:13:51 pm
BTW, what the deal with Alex - she's on the show for a total of maybe 30 seconds and she's the host? The butler is the real star of the show.

FROM: Hope
DATE: Thursday January 30, 2003 -- 9:57:29 am
yeah, no kidding! What is up with Alex McLeod only getting 23 seconds of air time per episode? Why have a host? And what is up with her outfits? She's more appealing in jeans and t's. Maybe's she's Evan's dirty little secret, concealing a pregnancy.

FROM: macbuddy
DATE: Friday January 31, 2003 -- 11:34:01 am
Alex was a bitch on set (exactly what got her booted from TS) so the producers decided to cut her out. Simple as that. The only reasons she's in it AT ALL are contractual. Trust me...I was there on TS. Any questions?

FROM: austin91
DATE: Friday January 31, 2003 -- 3:13:57 pm
RE: macbuddy's comment on Alex. Alex was NOT, I repeat NOT fired from Trading Spaces. And as for Alex's stint on JM, you've got NOTHING to back up your "contractual" comment other than saying "Trust me.. I was there on TS. Any questions?" Here's a question for you, ALLEGEDLY being on TS makes you an expert on why Alex is on JM? Give me a break, macbuddy!! Trust ME, I DO know!

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday November 25, 2003 -- 11:33:02 am
Please, someone tell me that I wasn't the only one in the world who was bored with Monday Night Football and ended up watching the finale of "The Next Joe Millionaire".

Someone? Anyone?

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