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The 1st Ping was published on January 6, 2000.

January 6th, 2003

Deborah Harmon

Back in 2000, a simple scribe about Just the Ten of Us launched this site. It was followed up in 2001 with more about the show, and in 2002 with a fine piece about Bill Kirchenbauer. This year, it’s Deborah Harmon‘s turn.

Elizabeth Lubbock, Graham’s understanding and witty wife, was played by one Deborah Harmon. She’s the same Deborah Harmon who was in Back to the Future, reporting on the possible plutonium theft, as noted here. She smoked in two episodes. It looks like she’s signing autographs to this day. And, she was mentioned in a MENTIS Quiz Bowl. And best of all, her IMDB entry notes that she was born in Chicago – something I managed to overlook all this time. I’m not surprised that such a talent comes from the Windy City.

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