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January 8th, 2003

Are online petitions worthwhile?

Every now and then, I see someone mention an online petition. One for no war in Iraq; one for cars with better MPG; one for free donuts on your birthday at Krispy Kreme.

Yesterday, Apple released Safari, a new web browser (huzzah.) It lacks a feature that makes Opera, Mozilla and their ilk compelling: tabbed browsing. It’s something I really can’t do without now, and apparently, neither can some others: there’s a petition to bring tabs to Safari.

Really, though, are online petitions a good idea? They do take the positive aspects of the web (instant gratification, more instant gratification) into play. But there’s no guarantee that the “signatures” are real. What do you think?

By the way, I decided to start my own petition.

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Victoria Mary Stong / Humanitarian, Civil Rights & Community Activist September 24, 2007, 9:38 pm

I am very concerned about all these comments here. Are Online Petitions really used for mailing lists? Are they really using our names to sell them to various companies? I’m a Humanitarian, 9/11 Family Member, Former Ground Zero Volunteer Worker & Civil Rights & Community Activist who is CONSTANTLY signing Online Petitions. Please give me feedback on how to avoid being put on a mailing list. I get a relentless amount of junk mail and I’m so sick and tired of it. I don’t know how they’re getting my email address. Also……………where do YOU get this information from?

Respectfully, Ms. Victoria Mary Stong / Humanitarian & Activist-Well Seasoned!

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