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January 18th, 2003

But I’m not asking a question?

Another one for you people who think I’m a grammar snob? Have you noticed that people more and more are talking in questions, even when they aren’t saying questions? I have, and while it’s nothing new, it’s still annoying? This seems to be most noticeable in kids, and people who are nervous – and the nervous people, I can somewhat understand? After all, it’s tough to remain calm, cool, and collected while you’re speaking?

I’ve done this in the past? But if I notice that I’m speaking in questions, I really do ask myself why I’m doing that? Sometimes, like in this here Ping thing, it’s for effect? But I think it makes you sound unsure and uncertain of yourself – and that’s not a good thing?

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kental July 18, 2008, 9:09 pm

An “I hate uptalking support group”? I’m down for that. But how do you cure it? I have a close relative, really close, alright my granddaughter, who drives me nuts with her non-questions, but I love her too much too say “you know you really sound stupid when you talk like that.” And what good would it do other than piss her off and make her self-conscious when she speaks. She’s 21 and has been doing it since she was 10. I don’t think this habit will do her any good in a job interview. Any suggestions for a diplomatic approach?

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