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January 19th, 2003

Nervous Laughter

Yesterday, Paul discussed people’s habit of “uptalking,” especially while nervous. I noticed a similar phenomenon, one that I’m also quite guilty of when I’m uncomfortable: nervous laughter. If you’re an onlooker to an incident of nervous laughter, it’s quite a strange thing, adding a “heh heh” to the end of a completely unfunny phrase. If you’re the one doing it, though, it becomes even more apparent how strange you look… especially when the person you’re talking to doesn’t even acknowledge your nervous laughter and remains stoic. Freud said that nervous laughter hides feelings of terror… I agree (though perhaps not dramatic).

Other random nonsense related to nervous laughter:

Why this is nervous laughter, I’m not sure…

Don’t laugh in the bedroom, it’s not a good thing.

Hence the jokes about castration, and the nervous laughter when someone’s penis or testicles are hurt.

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