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February 13th, 2003


Graham Elwood hosts Cram on the Game Show Network, a new game show that actually has an interesting premise while avoiding being another Millionaire rip-off.

On Cram, contestants are forced to stay up for 24 straight, studying loads of reading material ranging from instruction manuals to textbooks to books of jokes. They are then brought on the air and quizzed on their knowledge, often while performing physical tasks that are easy for the normal person, but not if you’ve been up for a day straight (like riding an exercise bike). There are three rounds and the top prize is $10,000. A good synopsis of the show is here.

The one time I watched the show, I came in about halfway through and couldn’t figure out why the heck the contestants looked so dopey and why they were running all over the set doing goofy stunts while answering questions. And when they got into bed and “Miss Pickwick” reads them a bedtime story, I was really lost. But as soon as I found out they had been up for 24 hours, it all made sense. And it was brilliant.

Of course, I’m wondering if anyone has asked how you can “cram all that Graham”…

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