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March 21st, 2003

Who do you trust with your movie reviews?

Going to see a movie, rent a movie, or buy a movie is an investment of time and money and requires a little bit of research, just like any other worthwhile purchase. And when you consider the hundreds of thousands of movies available to you through one distribution channel or another, getting an opinion helps.

If I’m going to see a movie in the theatres or rent a movie, I’ll usually trust the opinions of Ebert and Roeper. I’ve been watching them frequently enough that I can sense when a movie they like is one that I will as well. If I’m going to buy a movie, particularly a genre film, there are usually a few genre-specific sites online that I’ll read first, knowing that a mainstream reviewer isn’t going to understand the subtleties of cannibal impalements or splinters in the eye. I’ll usually supplement any top-level review reading with a quick scan of the Movie Review Query Archive. Occasionally I’ll take the recommendation of a friend, but there are only a few friends that have tastes that align somewhat with my own.

Oh, and of course, the #1 source on the Internet for movie reviews: ADDmovies. But you all knew that already, I’m sure. I’ve heard Ebert himself goes there to get ideas for his own reviews.

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