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March 22nd, 2003

A Microwave Product Idea

Yesterday I found myself heating up some leftovers. Included in that group were some french fries. Have you ever tried to heat up fries in the microwave? It’s generally a crapshoot, because the fries will do their darndest to come out soggy.

I’ve bought frozen foods in the past, though, that included some sort of pseudo-baking sheet that seems to cook things differently. The Morningstar pot pies, for instance, include these shiny silver discs that end up cooking the top of the pie. That shiny silver disc is doing some amazing, wonderful things to the food – much better than any microwave can do by itself.

So, here is your simple product idea: sell these, separately. Include a disclaimer about how kids shouldn’t use them, they might explode, and the like. If the soggy french fry problem can be solved, I think we’re well on our way to becoming a civilization.

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