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March 25th, 2003

Lesson Learned: Clean Your Cleaner

For the past several months, I had noticed that our vacuum cleaner wasn’t doing a very good job at picking up, well, anything. I was a bit confused because I regularly cleared out the roller underneath and changed the bag on a regular basis. But the routine maintenance apparently wasn’t enough.

This past weekend I decided it was time to go under the hood. I removed the screws underneath and took the top off of the vacuum’s base. I cleared out some stray dust and hair, but then I discovered where the real problem was: the tube itself.

Somehow, the main tube had become stuffed with heavily compacted dust. I’m not talking a little bit, I’m talking so much that it had actually formed to the shape of the tube. An hour and a half later after digging with my fingers and with a screwdriver, the tube was finally clear of all junk and the vacuum worked like new.

The lesson: changing bags isn’t good enough. Sometimes you have to go under the hood to clear out the residual crap.

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