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March 31st, 2003

Crunchy or Chewy?

Today’s Ping comes from a conversation with Huyen about foods, and our preferences with regards to “crunchy or chewy”… here are mine:

  • Fruits: crunchy (nothing worse than a mealy apple)
  • Veggies: just slightly chewy (a tad steamed)
  • Cookies: I want to say chewy, but I always buy crunchy… not sure what that means
  • Bread: chewy, except with stew
  • Pizza crust: chewy
  • French fries: chewy
  • Candy: chewy or soft
  • Ramen noodles: chewy

And you?

Posted in Food and Beverage

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday March 31, 2003 -- 9:23:14 am

  • Fruits: crunchy

  • Veggies: more chewy than crunchy, unless raw. Then, crunchy.

  • Cookies: chewy

  • Bread: chewy

  • Pizza crust: slightly crunchy

  • Freedo... er, French fries: both

  • Candy: chewy

  • Ramen noodles: here is where I confess I have actually never eaten Ramen noodles before. It's interesting because I did go to college, and college people all say, "Hey! Ramen noodles!" all the time. But I haven't, so I can't really say. I hang my head.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday March 31, 2003 -- 12:35:21 pm
Am I alone is prefering my cereal soggy?

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday March 31, 2003 -- 4:08:39 pm
I prefer my oatmeal lumpy.

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Monday March 31, 2003 -- 9:04:12 pm
First of all, props to Matt for the Digital Underground reference with the oatmeal. :)

Robert: Some cereals are better soggy. For me, I love soggy Corn Flakes with bananas. (Yeah, yeah, whatever. I like em)

Now, to the list:

  • Fruits: crunchy (if they are supposed to be)

  • Veggies: Raw. If you HAVE to cook them, then steam em.

  • Cookies: Chewy and warm.

  • Bread: Hot and Crunchy

  • Pizza crust: Crunchy

  • Fries:, I mean hot. Seriously, as long as they are hot, it doesnt matter.

  • Candy: chewy

  • Ramen noodles: Paul, you're not missing much. You gotta eat the Ramen chewy A.K.A. cooked. Who actually eats the Ramen uncooked in the block? My roommates and I would make "Po' man's spaghetti", which was simply ramen noodles with kethcup. Not as nasty as it sounds, plus its a meal for 12 cents!!

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Saturday April 5, 2003 -- 1:22:47 pm
I like my oatmeal smooth!. Added you put plenty of lumpy brown sugar. All things I like Crunchy. And Ramen noodles...... Plain and uncooked. They are great in a pinch and on the road and everywhere and cheep!

DATE: Sunday January 16, 2005 -- 10:43:56 pm

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