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April 1st, 2003

My American Idols are dropping like flies

My faith in humanity is gone… I mean, when they kicked Frenchie out for having posed topless on the Internet, I was angry. But then they kicked off Jaered and questioned Lashundra. And now, Corey Clark has been kicked off because he is “facing trial over an incident at his family home last October.”

What is the world coming to when potential American idols have shady pasts, checkered histories, and dark secrets? I feel like I have nothing to believe in any more.

It’s a good thing our President doesn’t fall under the scrutiny of the American Idol producers.

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DATE: Tuesday April 1, 2003 -- 11:42:26 am
It's a sign of the times when the people on the 'Reality TV' shows are just a little too real for the programme makers comfort...

FROM: Greg C
DATE: Tuesday April 1, 2003 -- 12:38:17 pm
I'll never look at Madonna the same again.

And if Frenchie posed topless, where's the picture?

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday April 1, 2003 -- 1:53:34 pm
They are eliminating competition in an effort to keep the cute blonds in the game as long as possible.

Actually, way back in the initial auditions I called Clay as the winner I might be right.

FROM: aharris
DATE: Tuesday April 1, 2003 -- 2:47:45 pm
Speaking of "cute blonds" it me or is that chick carmen rasmussen completely tone def? I have NO idea why she's still in the competition. And Kimberly ain't too hot either IMHO.

Oh, and Chris...I think you might be right. Though he's going to have to battle Rubin to make it :)

I say good riddence to Corey Clark. I, for one, won't miss his high pitched screeching.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday April 1, 2003 -- 4:43:19 pm
Arquay -- I feel the same way. The females in this competition just aren't impressive. They're cookie cutter. The guys, on the other hand, really stand out, especially Clay and Reuben, who can seemingly make any song sound good.

And I also agree with you on Corey Clark... I hated that dude from the first second I heard him. He sounded like and R&B Snoop Dogg.

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Tuesday April 1, 2003 -- 6:55:48 pm
To paraphrase Steve Stifler, if you're watching American Idol, and taking it seriously, you need to have your balls re-attached.

Nothing personal, but I cannot STAND this show. All I've ever seen
is the promos that were running before this season started, and some blonde chick was murdering Stevie Wonder's "Superstition", and got cheered by Paula Abdul. Bah. That's all I needed to know.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday April 2, 2003 -- 6:32:06 pm
I've watched the show just once and I'm ready to declare Clay the winner. He has the cute-nerd factor set on 100 % strength.

DATE: Wednesday April 2, 2003 -- 7:26:46 pm
Yuh... Looking forward to the day the Marine is shipped out. Hopefully he'll "find his voice" somewhere else.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Saturday April 5, 2003 -- 1:28:36 pm
I'm now at a toss up for Clay and Ruben. Somebody help me make up my mind. They are both great singers and I love their voices. Clay or Ruben, Ruben or Clay, Oh man, I just can't decide!

FROM: duke
DATE: Tuesday April 8, 2003 -- 11:53:24 am
In my opinion to choose the better singer you must first evaluate who is all around between clay and rubin and it goes to rubin. So far he is all around. And to save the embarrassment of the military guy he commander needs to just ship me off. He's a marine not a singer. Also word has it that Simon has a think for Carmen.... I do believe that rumor, because kimberly loc can beat her singer after she comes from the dentist.

FROM: Corinne Christensen
DATE: Wednesday April 9, 2003 -- 4:55:27 pm
I think Carmen is the only descent not trashy girl on the show her and Kimberly Locke. I think she is a great country singer, and is like Paula said, " a doll" i agree with simon she should replace one of the Dixie Chicks!! I lLOVE YOU CARMEN GOOD LUCK!!!!!

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday April 9, 2003 -- 11:01:17 pm
I have been thoroughly enjoying Nashville Star on USA: they are more mature, they can sing AND write songs, and they can play guitar. They just seem much more polished, and I'm not even a country music fan!!

FROM: cmr
DATE: Thursday April 10, 2003 -- 8:49:48 am
For me watching the show has given me more confidence in my own singing abilities. I think this show gives us Dreamers hope of one day making it in the music industry. "Rueben is my idol".

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday April 10, 2003 -- 10:25:23 am
jk -- Ryan Seacrest actually took a shot at Nashville Star on American Idol. It's like the coastal wars all over again. :)

FROM: bch
DATE: Thursday April 10, 2003 -- 10:29:13 am
This show is not based on the best singer. It's based on if she cute, Carmen is only on the show for that reason. Rueben is and should be America Idols.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday April 10, 2003 -- 10:56:58 am
Yeah yeah yeah--Arsenio made a comment about none of his competitors being wanted for this or that on the new Star Search.

The people on Nashville Star are mostly pure talent, rather than the product of and image and styling coach.

Ruben is indeed the man.

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Friday April 11, 2003 -- 5:49:06 pm

Ryan --

Great, first it's Tupac and Biggie, now it's Ryan Seacrest and Nancy O'Dell. C'mon folks, will we never come together??

FROM: Bill
DATE: Saturday April 12, 2003 -- 9:37:03 pm
It's a hard decision, but after weighing all the pro's and con's, Clay Aiken has my vote for the new American Idol. He has never delivered a weak performance and he looks the part. Talent, coupled with appearance makes an American Idol.

Coming in at a close second is Kimberly Locke. She has a quality voice and her personality and showmanship set her apart from the rest. She just keeps getting better and better with each appearance.

If you don't think that personality and appearance make a difference, take a look at Carmen. She doesn't have a particularly good voice, (although not bad either), however she looks hot and her personality just keeps her coming back.

FROM: Mr. Summer
DATE: Tuesday April 15, 2003 -- 2:02:32 pm

1. Carmen Rasmussen
2. Clay Aiken
3. Kimberly Caldwell
4. Ruben Studdard
5. Trenyce
6. Josh Gracin
7. Kimberly Locke

That is before going into tonite

remember these are definitely not official and argue all you want. Its just an opinion

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday April 15, 2003 -- 2:38:10 pm
The three black contestants in the bottom four. Interesting.

My choices are pretty much inverted. Carmen, Kimberley Caldwell, and Josh will be the next three to go. The mold they all came from will probably also be thrown out at about the same time.

FROM: Judykc
DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 12:12:28 am
I think Carmen is a great country western singer and can't understand why the judges love and now hate her. This show is beginning to get on my nerves. Josh is only on because he is a Marine. Clay is the best singer, I think he is kinda cute in his own way. I have a hard time with Roooooben, because he only knows ballads (get a variety). The rest I can take or leave them.

FROM: Jessie
DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 12:56:07 am
Carmen isn't the bes singer but is gorgeous, and is the only one besides Ruben on the show who is not completely trashy. I think if people knew what all the contestants were like off camera they would have a whole different idea.

FROM: Chique
DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 1:28:18 pm
Carmen has a great voice--I just think she has made the wrong song choices. Can't stand Kimberly C. and Trenyce. I hope they go next. Josh is country but OK. Kim L--I like better than in the begining. Ruben is great but sounds the same all the time. Clay should be the winner, but I think maybe it will be Ruben.

FROM: Sammi
DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 1:41:51 pm
Who picks the topic of songs. Billy Joel songs would be hard to sing for anyone. Kim C. sounded awful (flat), Trenyce sounded awful. Carmen did OK-she seemed to hold back last night (I think she has a really good voice - it is different). Josh did OK on that song (his worst was "Celebration"). The best ones were Clay, Ruben and Kim L.(she has a good voice, but I can't stand her).

FROM: Digger
DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 1:48:32 pm
Kim C. is trashy looking-her voice is flat most of the time, Carmen is cute and seems nice--has the best natuaral movements-also a good voice. Trenyce has an OK voice, but seems like a stick. Clay has a great voice, but I agree with Simon about some of his facial things he does. Ruben has a smooth voice, but sounds the same. Josh Ok but not a star (would do good with country maybe). Kim L. good voice most of the time--something about her I don't like--maybe because of how she acted in the very beginning (was a smart - - -!). OK the winner should be Clay.

FROM: Marilee H.
DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 2:57:20 pm
I have been behind Carmen all the way - until last night. She can't seem to find the right songs for her voice. Figure it out or you are gone forsure - figuring it is tonight. Kimberly Locke has not been my favorite until last night. She delivered like a star.

DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 5:59:45 pm
i love carmen i feel so bad for her shes 18 and is just sooo nervous she has amazing stage presence tho and u just love her... i dont get y simon is so mean to her.. dont tell her to shut up that was horrible

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 7:17:01 pm
I vote for Triumph the Comic Insult Dog for my American Idol. His performance on Conan O'Brien last night was better than anything on Idol.

FROM: monica
DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 10:58:25 pm
althought i am probably way to old to watch this show (oh my god, i'm 29!), I think there is something to be said about good singing. carmen needs to go back to Utah or somewhere and retrain her voice to get that yodeling aspect out. I mean, even Marie Osmond managed to sound less goat-like. She is cute, but this ain't a beauty contest or a cheerleading squad. Personally, I hate Britney spears and think that whole semi naked blond popstar thing is overrated. Look what it did to Christina A. Kim C. is also played out. I think Simon was extremely ugly to her(carmen), but I think that she needed to hear that. She definitely should not have made it this far, but, who are we kidding? Since when was true talent ever required to be on TV (especially if you are a bouncy blond who matured well).

FROM: Mr. Summer
DATE: Wednesday April 16, 2003 -- 11:18:27 pm
ok its been a while since i last looked at some criteria, after seeing last nite

heres my final 4 in no order (and why)

1. Clay- has the most talent of the 3 guys left. Simple as that

2. Carmen- Is the only female on the show that has a different sound, her country style voice will get her in

3. Kim L.- Has improved the most, and America is noticing. I wsa ready to scream when she sang Over The Rainbow twice in the beginning.

4. Ruben- Its a tough call, but Ruben has more talent. He may have only sung ballads, but next week will be something different, or he may be in trouble.


Trenyce- Hsa been on the bottom 3 multiple times, has a good voice, but oversings every song.

Josh- Cant have 2 country sounds, diversity is the competion. People would rather look at Carmen and her country voice

FROM: fla
DATE: Thursday April 17, 2003 -- 12:33:59 am
I agree with the results from last ight show. Fr those of you that can't think of anything nice to say,do not say anything at all. I don't see you out there singing your heart out.

DATE: Thursday April 17, 2003 -- 3:18:56 am
Dont judge the contestents unless you know em

DATE: Thursday April 17, 2003 -- 8:38:57 am
"Dont judge the contestents unless you know em"
Eh?? I thought the whole point of these shows was to make judgements based on how the contestants come across as well as any talent they may (or may not) have...
Guys, judging by some of the comments, I have to say this is one of those pings that you may regret posting in the first place. It'll run and run though!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday April 17, 2003 -- 9:30:43 am
Guys, judging by some of the comments, I have to say this is one of those pings that you may regret posting in the first place.

I think you're right.

Especially since the original Ping was just a snarky recap of a minor news item.

FROM: Nicole
DATE: Thursday April 17, 2003 -- 12:09:51 pm
OMG! I am still in shock over what happened last night! I know Kim Caldwell doesn't have the most talent, but she was one of my favorites from the begining! I didn't expect her to win, but I did expect her to go a lot further in the competition, especially farther than Carmen! I cannot believe that Carmen is still standing! I give her credit for only being 18, but she is often off-key, and I don't like her vibrating voice. She has had the WORST performance many times, and yet she is still here. There is no way that she was better than Kim Caldwell on Billy Joel night, or any night, for that matter. I am very angry at last night's results and I feel bad for Kim Caldwell. If anyone remembers Charles Gribsby, I liked him too and he got voted off too early. Even he was better than Carmen. I still don't understand how she has managed to get enough votes with her lousy performances! Either Carmen has some huge crazy mob of fans, or this competition is fixed!!!!

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Thursday April 17, 2003 -- 5:46:41 pm
....end.....the....pain...........pleeeease......dumb-ass mode......*cough cough*

FROM: Yasmine
DATE: Thursday April 17, 2003 -- 11:14:54 pm
Heh, well I must agree with one of the last entries... why is Carmen still in the competition? It's like she purposefuly breaks her voice before a high note to try to make it sound like it's hard to do. I think that it's sad that so many good singers were voted off and yet she is still there, a horrible singer, yet cute... if she picked songs that fit her range, it would be better for her. I read one of you say that we have to give her credit because she's 18, what does age have to do with it? I'm 16 and sing better than her, watch out for me in the future!

FROM: bailey
DATE: Friday April 18, 2003 -- 10:53:34 am
I agree...Carmen should not be in this competition. She is often off-key and sounds like she just wants to yodel. I think she wants to be Leann Rimes. She should have never been a WildCard pick because so many others were better than her. I agree with Simon telling her to shut up! Kim C. did not deserve to go - she wasn't going to win, but she is far better than Carmen!

FROM: Dolores
DATE: Saturday April 19, 2003 -- 2:56:21 pm
I think that kicking off Corey , Frenchie and questioning thers is bull because first of all Kim C used coccaine and she stayed probably cause of her looks. Simon hated Frenchie because of her weight and then she gets kicked off, i say that's suspicious. I say nobody's perfect even the produsers have pasts but if they got good voices then let them stay . It's called American Idol so then let America choose their Idol . Present counts and not what happened in the past. A lot of people have cleaned up their acts!

FROM: Dolly
DATE: Saturday April 19, 2003 -- 3:02:47 pm
I don't think that image should count. Some people were only in the top 12 because of their looks. Carmen has a nice voice but she's very pretty and that's why she's still there. I think that Josh is cute and he's got an amazing voice. I would like him to win but I think Ruben deserves it more. I thnk that Josh is using the fact that he's a marine to get popularity even though he's got an awesome voice. Ruben all the way . I would love Ruben to win. First of all he'd prove that being fat has nothing to do with it and neither does color! Simon telling him he's fat is true but if he's an awesome singer and the people love him then it don't matter.

FROM: Dolores
DATE: Saturday April 19, 2003 -- 3:10:40 pm
towinlovinit- I agree that Clay and Ruben are awesome singers but Clay is getting on my nerves because 1st of all he is butt ugly, he's always huggin and kissin the girls and he is so in love w/ Carmen. He is the same every wk. same bull. he does the wierd hair, alien head, purple lips and classical love songs. If he was on the album cover I;d never buy it! Ruben should win. I loved Kim C form the beginning and there is no way that Trenyce and carmen are still her and Kim left. The only reason that Carmen is there is cause she's hot, skinny and blonde. Simon saved her and why is it a coinsedence that for wks. he compliments her even though she stinks! I bet he just doesn't want to admit he screwed up and saved the wrong person. Carmen should leave , she's good but not awesome

FROM: Jessie
DATE: Saturday April 19, 2003 -- 3:13:42 pm
Nicole- I say that it is fixed cause she should have left a long time ago. Kim was great and pretty but Carmen probably has her whole school voting for her hundreds of times

DATE: Saturday April 19, 2003 -- 3:23:47 pm
Mr. summer- are u kidding me Clay 1st place, he is so ugly and gay. Carmen 2nd, the only reason she's here is cause Simon made a huge ass mistake by keeping her. Yes i agree Kim C is good. Ruben should WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Josh is really good but he uses the fact that he's a marine to get far. He's like 20 and he's married and he's got a wife he rushed into things and now he wants to be a singer? Wrong order cutie. Trenyce oversings the songs , She screams on every song even if its a slow song she yells and that one time she wore a nice red dress that is supposed to show your breasts but she's falt, what was she thinking to put that dress on! Girl- implants are the way for you.

FROM: Kaylie
DATE: Saturday April 19, 2003 -- 3:25:52 pm
On this other site it was like a Kim diary and she posts new things and she yapped about how Julia spies on her and JD having sex! I think she was out of line abou yapping bout her sex life on the internet.

FROM: tiger beat central
DATE: Saturday April 19, 2003 -- 8:37:32 pm
Ugh, look at what has become of our beloved Ping!!!

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