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April 21st, 2003

What Not To Watch

Of all the shows TLC has to borrow/rip-off from BBC, why did they choose to adapt What Not to Wear?

I caught a bit of this show the other day and it doesn’t seem to have any of the appeal of Trading Spaces, A Wedding Story, etc. In this show, friends find another friend with a terrible sense of style and submit them for a total wardrobe makeover. Hidden cameras are put in place for several weeks to capture these people at their dumpiest, making numerous fashion faux pas. Fashion consultants watch videos and totally berate the subject, insulting their weight, their choice of style, their mannerisms, and anything else they can find “wrong.” While this might sound like it lends itself to some humor, it comes off as mean-spirited, forced, and just plain not funny.

Or maybe I just feel that way because I could easily be a subject for this particular show.

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