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May 6th, 2003


If you could undo any one event that happened within your lifetime… thinking on the scale of world and national events, not personal ones… what would it be and why?

I would prevent mass smearing of the Oreo name.

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday May 6, 2003 -- 10:28:49 am
Bill Buckner's error on that ground ball in the bottom of the ninth inning of game six of the 1986 Word Series.

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Tuesday May 6, 2003 -- 11:12:39 am
September 11th, 2001.

No words necessary.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday May 6, 2003 -- 12:02:39 pm
Chris -- They actually made reference to that on wrestling the other night... the guy was trying to get some crowd heat in Boston and when he brought that up, he certainly got that heat...

FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday May 6, 2003 -- 1:38:11 pm
Hitler becoming Germany's leader. I know I would not be here as a result of that, but the world wouldn't even miss me for such a sacrifice.

FROM: Game Show Man Joe [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday May 6, 2003 -- 1:55:11 pm
ABC putting on all those "Celebrity Editions" of Who Wants to Be a Millonaire?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday May 6, 2003 -- 4:32:22 pm
jk --

I know I would not be here as a result of that

How so? You've made me curious...

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday May 6, 2003 -- 4:39:30 pm
Too many to choose from, but I'll mention one that hasn't been yet.

The Challenger explosion. Along with the loss of life, it just seems like it seriously derailed the US space program for years. And I feel like it also made the public and NASA itself lose a lot of confidence in the space program.

FROM: mike
DATE: Tuesday May 6, 2003 -- 6:50:43 pm
Sept. 11th and Hitler having been covered, I'd go for Bush Jr. becoming president.

FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday May 6, 2003 -- 9:57:21 pm
mike--do you really think Gore could have kicked Al Qaida butt like Bush did?

ryan--Hitler brought about WW2 which caused my dad to graduate from HS a year late. He came to the US thru a random series of events, and never would have met my mom had he not come here exactly when he did. Weird, isn't it? I would most certainly not be here. Or maybe I'd be living in some 3rd world country wishing I had a roof over my head and water to drink. You never expected this Ping to be this deep, did you?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday May 6, 2003 -- 11:02:46 pm
jk -- That just goes to prove Marty McFly's theorem of time travel: changing an event could render your own existence erased. I was thinking of saying the Vietnam War, but in a similar fashion, I would never have met my wife...

I'm not one that believes in fate, but today's seemingly simple question turns out to be a lot more complicated when you take your own life path into account.

FROM: Greg C
DATE: Wednesday May 7, 2003 -- 4:36:37 pm
See, that's just it. Going back to change world events has serious consequences of our present...

For example, there were other equally evil leaders during Hitler's time. Mussolini would still have been there. I have every reason to believe another Hitler would have risen.

And go back to the whole Bush Jr. thing, the valid point of course is could Gore have handled it?

I suppose he could have, it comes with the job, but it would have been handled COMPLETELY different. We likely would have retreated into ourselves and be more isolationist. Now that would have made the two years following 9/11 different as well. It's likely that we would have had another 9/11 on our hands, instead of standing up to what needed to be done, as we did.

Saddam Hussein, of course, would still be in power, still opressing the Iraqi people (certainly not HIS people), still killing innocent Iraqi citizens simply because they won't worship him.

So if I could stop one event from happening, it would probably be to make the salad I had at lunch today twice as big, with the same amount of dressing.

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