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May 5th, 2003

Uh-Oh Oreos

So, apparently, in the Oreo factories, some of the machines broke and—can you believe it?—the Oreos came out backwards! White cookies and chocolate creme! It’s totally wacky! I mean, if the chocolate fudge Oreos were inside out, no one would notice. But this is a big deal, folks… I’m talking front page news. It’s a good thing they had all that “Uh-Oh Oreos” packaging laying around or else they would have just wasted their money.

Or, maybe, like Paul said in a recent chat, it’s not that big of a deal… “they’re just duplex cremes.”

Since I know you all look to me for Oreo-related information and opinion, I picked up a bag at the store this weekend. The verdict: like Paul said, they’re pretty much just duplex cremes. Maybe a little tastier, but certainly nothing groundbreaking. Unlike previous Oreo transgressions, the amount of creme is equal to a regular Oreo rather than a Double Stuf and the cookies are vanilla (not really “white”) instead of chocolate.

So take ’em or leave ’em… I’ll take ’em for now, but will probably leave ’em in the future.

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