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May 13th, 2003

Illegal Oreos

Thanks to Mike and Rob for pointing out this frightening news story: Suit Seeks to Ban Kids From Eating Oreos.

Stephen Joseph filed suit in a Marin County superior court against Nabisco for not discloing how much trans fat is used in their product. He alleges that the Oreos are just too dangerous for children to eat and that they should be banned.

People are really ban-happy, aren’t they? I will admit, I’d rather attend an Oreo burning than a book burning. It would smell better.

While I definitely agree that trans fat content needs to be listed right alongside saturated fat information on nutrional labels, because trans fat is just as bad or worse than sat fat, this frivolous type of law suit ain’t going to do the trick. It may act to raise awareness a bit, but still, there are better ways to go about it.

In the meantime, just watch out for those partially hydrogenated oils: they mean trans fat and trans fat ain’t good. But please, don’t touch my Oreos.

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