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June 17th, 2003


Looking to get political news and opinion, but you want bias to be explicit and you want to have opposing viewpoints on the same page? Try WatchBlog, a three-column weblog from Democratic, Republican, and “Third Party” perspectives. Each blog within WatchBlog has multiple editors, encouraging a variety of viewpoints even within each section.

It’s a good side-by-side look at the issues if you’re curious about what the “other” people are thinking. And take notice of the column orientation… clever.

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Tuesday June 17, 2003 -- 4:02:06 pm
Yeah, but Libertarians are not in the center of Republicans and Democrats.What we need is a 3D representation! VRML anyone?

FROM: dave
DATE: Tuesday June 17, 2003 -- 6:02:06 pm
While it's a nice concept, I'll stick to my lefty blogs. If I want radical right-wing perspectives I'll turn on our wonderful "fair and balanced" cable news.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday June 17, 2003 -- 6:36:04 pm
Chris -- Perhaps there should be three third party blogs... some to the left of Dems, some in the middle of the two majors, and some on the righ t of Republications. And maybe some on top and underneath as well. And some buried in the basement.

FROM: Cam [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday June 29, 2003 -- 1:21:06 am
Thanks for your comments about WatchBlog. Others have also mentioned the problem of there being too many "third parties" and the wisdom (or shallowness) of lumping them all together. The problem is one of screen real estate. There is simply not enough room to give every legitimate third party the same space as the Reps and Dems. The design would quickly become very confusing and hard to read. One of the primary goals of WatchBlog was to provide an equal platform for discussion for anyone of any political persuasion, but the reality of politics today has led me to clumping the "third parties" together. I cannot think of any other way to do it without leaving them out altogether.

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