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June 16th, 2003


Spike. Spike, Spike, Spike.

There. Were you thinking of Spike Lee? No? Well, you should have been. That’s the insinuation from Mr. Lee, who sued Viacom from relaunching TNN as Spike TV. A judge granted an injunction and thus, the enormous buildup for the all-new, male-only Spike TV has been deflated.

I find it humorous, since there was so very much hype and therefore money thrown behind this dubious relaunch. But what about poor Spike Lee? This editorial sums it up nicely. I’m pretty much ready to sue whenever a Paul TV or similar comes down the pike (and you know it’s going to happen), and Ryan is certainly ready to go when RyanVision becomes a reality.

I am not sure that Spike of Lee is doing anything more than getting his name back in the spotlight, but it’s sure quite nice to see a huge, multinational corporation get its plans derailed at the last minute.

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday June 16, 2003 -- 11:14:14 am
God, Spike Lee is pathetic. The Knicks suck, so no one sees him on TV acting like an ass at the games, so I guess he figures he has to do something to get his name out again, since all his movies suck.

The editorial you linked to says it all. Although I will say that if Spike Lee is successful, then I'm gonna sue the creators of the Kevin Kline movie "Dave", so no one thinks it's an autobiography of me. If Spike Lee cashes in, then I'm gonna hop on the bandwagon for a settlement.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Monday June 16, 2003 -- 11:53:28 am
I was thinking about suing the Fox television network for making people think I was a bunny.

DATE: Monday June 16, 2003 -- 2:17:00 pm
I'm already preparing my case against anyone that's ever Ty'd their shoes or worn a Ty. Next, I'm gonna go after Union Pacific for using railroad Tys. And you'll never see a hockey game ending in a Ty again. Don't think anyone will get to Ty-ten a screw ever again without paying me royalties either. I also want some of the box office gross of Tytanic. Don't think for a second I don't see through their clever spelling or awareness of chronology, I know they ripped off my image and name for their greedy purposes. C'mon, Spike, who'd you rip off to get your name? I don't remember him coining the word.

And I'd definitely sue about the Greg the Bunny thing.

FROM: Andy
DATE: Monday June 16, 2003 -- 3:10:14 pm
Why does this whole thing remind me of Homer Simpson and the Police Cops TV show??

FROM: dave
DATE: Monday June 16, 2003 -- 4:49:22 pm
This is one of the more shameless attempts at self-promotion I've seen lately.

I'm kind of pulling for Spike TV to be a successful brand - I have respect for any network that airs "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge."

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday June 16, 2003 -- 5:50:35 pm
Even if someone did mistake Spike TV for "All Spike Lee, All the Time," they'd realize about four minutes into WWE Raw or "How to Build Gigantic Powerful Crap You'll Never Need" that Mr. Lee had no involvement...

Perhaps it's because Spike hasn't had a worthwhile movie since Malcolm X that he feels the need to get himself back into the spotlight...

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Wednesday June 18, 2003 -- 6:46:08 pm
Gosh darn it Ty, we love your beanie babies. Can you maybe hook us all up with a special "Pinger baby"? ;-) Oh wait... that isn't you? Maybe you should sue. ;-) They even spell it like you do. :-D

I'm going to see Marcus Allen for using my first name. Then I'll go after whoever's still alive from the Marcus Welby TV show...

Oh and MTV... M's my initial. They're on my hit list, along with M&M's since they copied my initials. Plus Apple is infringing by using the first three letters of my last name, and Mack trucks... they're in trouble too. ont
Man... my lawyer's gonna' be busy. ;)

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday June 20, 2003 -- 12:29:33 am
Marcus -- Trey Parker and Matt Stone have a character named after you in South Park! I smell settlement!

FROM: Andrew Schroy
DATE: Saturday July 12, 2003 -- 10:44:38 am
DARN IT! I still didn't watch Ren & Stimpy's Adult Party Cartoon, Gary the Rat and Stripperella on Spike TV... er, excuse me, TNN. Do you think pretending to play "Cram" (one of the GSN originals) could help me to watch these shows, which are on WHILE I'M IN BED?!

FROM: Jack
DATE: Friday September 3, 2004 -- 2:37:02 pm
It is a sign of SERIOUS narcissism when a man who goes by a name commonly used to describe shapes or objects, as a pet's name, as computer terms, and as a nickname used by many celebrities (filmaker Spike Jonze, musicians Spike Jones and Spike Michigan, or the original Spike Lee who made "Our Gang" in the '30s and '40s) assumes that a channel naming itself Spike tv is using some crazy scheme to make money off of his name. Spike Lee doesn't realize that no one has cared about him for years. He hasn't made a film that people were interested in for a great deal of time, and he should realize that he is famous for making movies and people only think of him positively when he is actually doing just that, not when he is expanding the new American fad of suing frivelously with extreme prejudice.

Spike TV shows things like Star Trek, Ren and Stimpy, James Bond movies, and original series' about super hero strippers, a giant rat that also happens to be a successful lawyer, and redubbed weird Japanese humiliation game shows. When I think of Spock, Powdered Toast Man, Goldfinger, or bizarre east Asian game shows, I don't think of Spike Lee, who already has no right to sue because he is billed under that name in movies only. It is not a legal name! It takes a lot of chutzpah to do what he did, and I don't mean that in a positive way.

He found out about Spike TV because some friends called him commenting about how they didn't know that he had a show. He assumed, with all his egotism, that everyone associated Spike with him. He doesn't realize that they were his close friends who would automatically think of his name. I heard of Spike TV and made no association with Spike Lee, and everyone I have asked said they didn't either. If anyone says they didn't because of race, just so you know three of them were black and don't know each other. No one associated Spike tv with Spike Lee. Except for him of course. Goddamn these pretentious filmmakers who think they are everything.

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