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June 16th, 2003


Spike. Spike, Spike, Spike.

There. Were you thinking of Spike Lee? No? Well, you should have been. That’s the insinuation from Mr. Lee, who sued Viacom from relaunching TNN as Spike TV. A judge granted an injunction and thus, the enormous buildup for the all-new, male-only Spike TV has been deflated.

I find it humorous, since there was so very much hype and therefore money thrown behind this dubious relaunch. But what about poor Spike Lee? This editorial sums it up nicely. I’m pretty much ready to sue whenever a Paul TV or similar comes down the pike (and you know it’s going to happen), and Ryan is certainly ready to go when RyanVision becomes a reality.

I am not sure that Spike of Lee is doing anything more than getting his name back in the spotlight, but it’s sure quite nice to see a huge, multinational corporation get its plans derailed at the last minute.

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