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June 26th, 2003

The Yoplait-Columbo Yogurt Conspiracy

I, like millions of other people, like yogurt. But I haven’t enjoyed the continuous downsizing of yogurt containers. It feels like my spoons are too big to fit in Yoplait’s tiny 6 ounce containers, and don’t even get me started about their La Creme – which are a teeny 2.3 ounces each.

So I started to look for an alternative. I tried Stonyfield Farm, and didn’t like Chocolate Underground very much – but would be willing to try them again. I also tried Columbo, and loved it. I thought it was great, and they had great commercials as well – highlighting their 8 ounce size, versus their competitions’ 6 ounce size. I somehow remembered the competition as being Yoplait, but as you can see, it’s Dannon.

Well, here’s the mind-bender for you: Yoplait’s rinky-dink yogurts and Columbo’s big beautiful yogurts come from the same darn company. While Columbo certainly isn’t steering you away from Yoplait, there’s an obvious size difference.

This was all uncovered by my intelligent wife, who contacted Yoplait and received a reply from “Yoplait/Columbo”. A cursory Google search for “columbo yogurt” verifies that same combination. I say that it’s a conspiracy… of sorts, really: General Mills owns both companies and will get your bucks, even if you think you’re supporting ordinary-sized yogurt by buying Columbo.

Aren’t brands wonderful?

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Janet May 11, 2007, 7:38 pm

I used to work for General Mills. They own the Yoplait name in the U.S. and manufacture and distribute it. It’s one of their divisions. Colombo is totall owned by General Mills. They are very different products catering to different tastes, just like Fiber One and Lucky Charms – totally different products – same company (General Mills)!

Bob October 19, 2007, 2:50 pm

I also worked at the Yoplait/Colombo plant here in Methuen Mass. We made both Yoplait and Colombo yogurts right there in the same building with the production lines right next to each other. Funny thing is I wouldn’t eat yogurt until I started working there and now I love it. Also General Mills really takes good care of there employees.

Greg B October 14, 2011, 12:32 pm

I like General Mills products and esp. the yogurt, it just tastes better, Dannon is ok. Yoplait maybe a French thing, but its good, when I hit the store I just get some of everything (yogurt), it’s a good thing for your body. Yes the French Government did not back us up at first in the war, but the French people are the best, it’s their government that were the cowards, not the people. My son was in Iraq with the 101st Airborne and they sent home some soldiers in body bags, no thanks to the French government for their nonhelp. Lets keep this a yogurt issue, not a combat one.

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