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July 3rd, 2003

That’s not good…

You never want to hear a doctor or dentist say, “I’ve never seen that before…” And you never want to hear your auto mechanic say, “That’s not good.” This morning, I’ve already heard both… fortunately, my dentist was just kidding around. The auto mechanic wasn’t.

So, for any car folks in the audience, let’s start taking some bets and see who can diagnose my car’s problem based on my limited description. Last night, driving home, my fuel gauge light came on. Odd, since I had just filled up the take seven miles earlier. The car seemed to ride OK, though, for the remainder of the ride. Later in the night, I got back in the car and when I started it, the fuel light came back on and so did the battery light. The car still started OK, though something just “felt funny.” As I drove, the battery light faded, but will still definitely “on.” This morning: same thing… lights, but the car still ran alright.

Let’s go armchair mechanics: let’s hear what you think. First person to properly diagnose the problem (in other words, match what the mechanic tells me) wins a gigantic imaginary dipstick that you can use to measure the imaginary oil in your imaginary car.

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DavidB July 3, 2007, 1:59 am

Question.. Similar to others. I drive a 97 Plymouth Breeze. Over the past month I’ve had one experience while driving on the highway when my gas gauge when to empty and stayed there until I came out of work and restarted it. The Check engine light would come on at times then go off for days. Today the battery light came on while driving on the highway with the air on. When I went to drive home it was not on, but a few miles from home, it came back on. I hit a stop light and the rpms were still reveing with the cluth in while stopped. Then all of a sudden the air conditioner went to less than 1/4 power, the turn signals stopped working, the power windows would barely move the the windshield wipers were barely able to move. Would you say Alternator?

Erin February 6, 2008, 4:03 am

Hi, I have a 1999 Honda Accord, and one day on my way to work my SRS light came on for my air bags, when i came to a stop light I turned my car off to see if the light would go away, then it wouldn’t start. I wait a few and with a little extra gas it started. It ran fine for the next prob. two week and tonight on my way home from school it went wacko. My ABS light came on, my headlights and interior lights all went dim. My winshield lights were slow moving, then all my gages went completly down a few min later my car just stopped. Is it my alternator or could the rain we have gotten latley caused other electrical problems tonight unrelated to my SRS light comming on two weeks ago. Greatly appreciated any ideas boys!

wade August 29, 2008, 2:26 am

2003 Silverado 2500HD battery not charging light comes on for no reason as well. Usually happens more when it gets hot driving in traffic. I was thinking to change the alternator but the gauge shows that it’s charging. Anyone else have this problem?

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