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July 2nd, 2003

Do Not Call Registry

So, did you sign up for the Do Not Call Registry?

I did, but like most of America, I wanted to do it on the day it was announced… and couldn’t, because trillions of people were doing the same thing at the same time. According to the FTC, over 12.5 million people have already signed up – and if that’s not a pent-up demand, I don’t know what is.

One of the reasons I signed our number up was because of a local company that has taken to calling us every couple of days, using a recording – my favorite method. Immediately after picking up the phone (if we do so), a gruff, white male voice says, “HELLO. DO NOT HANG UP.” It’s about that time that we hang up.

The sooner we stop getting calls from “Unknown Name” or “000-000-0000”, the better.

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Wednesday July 2, 2003 -- 9:01:26 am
I signed up, but from what I've read, there are so many loopholes and exemptions in the law that it will make little difference in the number of phone calls you get. We just stopped answering the phone between 5 PM and 8 PM a few years ago.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday July 2, 2003 -- 9:20:43 am
Yeah, I signed up a large portion of my family yesterday, but I doubt that the calls will ever really stop. I simply monitor the caller ID box on my phone, or turn the ringer off for a few hours...and my number is unlisted, too..go figure.

One side of me wants the calls to continue so I can continue to enjoy Chris Johnson's Ways to have fun with a telemarketer site.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday July 2, 2003 -- 9:49:37 am
I signed up on Friday when they were getting pegged, but never got the e-mail with the confirmation link. I signed back up on Monday with no problems.

We don't get a whole lot of calls since our number is unlisted, but the last few mornings, Huyen's told me that people have been calling at 9:30 or 10. I only give our number out when absolutely necessary, but it's nice to know that the registry's in place... I hope it gives us all a much needed reprieve.

Dave -- great link... I think I'd seen that site before but it's been a long time. Funny stuff.

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday July 2, 2003 -- 9:53:45 am
I signed up. Not on the first day, but I think it was the second. I usually just watch my caller ID box and don't answer anything from Unknown or Out of Area or anything like that. Usually works, but anything that cuts down on the number of sales calls we get is good.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Wednesday July 2, 2003 -- 10:44:16 am
What's the point? Credit card companies, phone companies, and non-profit companies can still call and that makes up 99% of all telemarketed calls!

FROM: Greg C
DATE: Wednesday July 2, 2003 -- 10:58:57 am
I tried to sign up the night it was announced. Got to the webpage, filled it out, and got the message saying that I'd receive email in the next few hours...

and didn't get the email. So the next day I did it again, got the email, and confirmed.

And the other Greg's right, phone companies like the one that calls you can still call. It's still worth it, though, because this means that those stupid companies that are trying to say I've won a sweepstakes and can come listen to a sales pitch to tell me all about how much I can pay them will STOP. And that's a good thing.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday July 2, 2003 -- 11:27:55 am
Credit card companies don't call me, because my credit is too good.

Phone companies will always call, and I imagine if they were included in this DNC list, they'd be very, very peeved.

Non-profit companies aren't companies. :)

I'm still pleased with the registry; I'd say that the majority of our phone spam is from annoying companies that aren't exempt from it.

FROM: liz [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday July 2, 2003 -- 5:41:19 pm
so i signed our number up just now, and then i got knocked off the internet by A RECORDING, which we've never gotten before.

spooky. hehe.

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday July 2, 2003 -- 6:10:49 pm
I signed up for the PA one months ago, and 99% of my calls stopped. For a while, I was getting calls from CA that were making me NUTS!

FROM: cd-rw
DATE: Wednesday July 2, 2003 -- 11:28:33 pm

people still use land lines?

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday July 3, 2003 -- 12:15:19 am
Absolutely. I must be the only person alive without a cell phone. There are times where being unavailable by phone is a great thing. :)

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Thursday July 3, 2003 -- 2:56:40 am
Now if they could come up with a way to get rid of the collection agencys

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday July 3, 2003 -- 10:22:53 am
Dave W, is that why you have not been returning my calls? Seriously, no one KNOWS my cell phone number but my dad. People don't really need to get ahold of me at every given moment of the day.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday September 26, 2003 -- 2:04:38 pm
jk --

You know I'd always return your calls. ;-)

BTW, what is the PA law you speak of? Does the state have a separate do-not-call law? If the current form of the national law doesn't go through, I wonder if more states would look doing something like that...

FROM: Greg Horn
DATE: Thursday May 12, 2005 -- 6:09:45 pm
the registry does help, but also check out for products to combat these issues.

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