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July 17th, 2003

The Tea Map

Have you found yourself thinking, “You know, I really could use a good tea room right about now. But where might I find one?” Well, Adagio Teas presents The Tea Map, a clickable map that allows you browse listings and reviews of tea rooms and tea shops (or is that shoppes?) around the US. It’s a simply designed site that falls in line with their corporate site, but there’s no heavy advertising slant or extraneous crap, just good information about tea rooms. One of the other quality “for the community”-type services Adagio runs is Tea Muse, their monthly newsletter usually featuring excellent articles.

Perhaps the only thing I’d like to see added is a well-organized tea discussion forum that allows people to break off and discuss different types of teas as well as different styles of serving (English tea time is quite different from Japanese tea time). They have a “tea chat,” but its format is old-school-awkward.

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