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July 16th, 2003

They’re Taking Over!

Have… hhave… have you seen … them?

You know what I’m talking about. Big, big brick buildings – big ones – where other buildings or fields used to sit. They just… just come in, overnight it seems. And then, poof! They’re… they’re just there, like they’ve been a part of the neighborhood all along. I used to see it happen out in the far suburbs. Whole farms turned into strip malls, strip malls torn down to make better strip malls… but I haven’t seen a blitz like this in some time!

What? You got cotton in your ears? I’m talkin’ about all of those new CVS locations, boy! (or girl!) Why, there are three popping up within a couple of miles of me – these three are all new, and are going to give Walgreens’ a good run for their money, yes sir (ma’am). Local pharmacies? What? There’s one or two left… but how can they compete with these big ones? They swoop in and attack!

There’s another one that’s doing this, too – you’ll see the giant “Q”… it’s Quizno’s. Why, they’re all over tarnation! Hundreds of ’em! I’ve got plenty within a short distance from my house… it looks like they just wanted to smoke Subway outta here. They’re doin’ a rootin’-tootin’ job of it, too! All over the place….

I tell ya, between CVS, Quizno’s, Subway, Chipotle, and Borders, kids these days – they’ve got it easy. It’s a shame, though, that none of these places have… what? … yes, that’s it. Character.

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