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July 31st, 2003

Barth’s Burgery

Many moons ago, I wrote a Ping about You Can’t Do That On Television, one of my favorite TV shows from childhood. Since it was on at 4pm every day, it became a routine to come home from school and have a snack while watching Nickelodeon.

For fans, continues to be the holy grail for all things YCDTOTV-related. But it’s time to add Barth’s Burgery to the mix. Why?

Because there are full-length episodes available for download. Seriously.

I’ve already downloaded three of them (including the rare “Adoption” episode) and burned them onto a VCD. Sure, it’s like watching a deteriorated 15-year-old EP videotape recording, but man do those shows bring back memories. It was frightening, yet comforting, that I was able to recite parts of the scripts and some punchlines from familiar episodes as I watched.

Also available is about an hour of recorded footage from “SlimeCon 2002” which brought together many of the cast members to reminisce about their time on the show. (Did you know the actors got paid more to get slimed during the later episodes?)

What a great site.

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