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August 1st, 2003

The Fudgy-Wudgy Guy

When I think of the shore, I think of the Jersey shore. And when I think of the Jersey shore, I think of the Fudgy-Wudgy Guy.

He was just one of many mobile ice cream salesmen that carried his gigantic ice chest strapped over his shoulder. For a hefty price, you could buy an ice cream sandwich, a orange creamsicle, or a chocolate fudge bar from him (the “Fudgy Wudgy,” of course). No matter what you purchased, though, you could be guaranteed two things: 1. a great blast of coldness as he opened the chest to get your goodies and 2. a rock-hard ice cream treat you’d have to wait at least five minutes to eat.

And there was something special about this particular Fudgy-Wudgy Guy… as he walked down the beach announcing his wares, “Orange creamsicle, fudgy wudgy!” He had a particular technique that didn’t ever change throughout my entire childhood. After “Fudgy Wudgy,” he’d pause momentarily and then yell out, “Iiiiicccce creeeeeeam sandwiiiiiich,” stretching each word just so. It was one of those comforting things, hearing him from year after year. We bought ice cream from him a few times, but never learned his name or anything about him. When I went back to the shore a couple of years ago, I half-expected him to still be walking the beat, even though he was probably in his mid-50s 20 years ago.

Did you have a Fudgy-Wudgy Guy at the shore in your childhood?

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Kelley October 20, 2008, 12:57 am

OMG yes! Although, my guy would scream “GET YOUR FUDGY WUDGY BARS!!!”

I just said that to my boyfriend and he looked at me like I had 5 heads. Stupid Cape Codder.

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