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August 8th, 2003

Welcome to the Internet!

Based on recent experiences online, I’m seriously considering putting together a “Welcome to the Internet!” email I can send to people who are obviously clueless. A few things I’m thinking of:

  • Websites don’t have to guarantee free speech.
  • A weblog isn’t a message board.
  • Never respond to spam.
  • Never open an attachment unless you’re expecting it.
  • Get a pop-up blocker, or stop using Internet Explorer.
  • You can use a different web browser.
  • What an IP address is, and how it’s easily traceable.

Any others?

Posted in Technology

FROM: cd-rw
DATE: Friday August 8, 2003 -- 3:17:39 am
flash is not your friend.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Friday August 8, 2003 -- 8:48:09 am
If your looking at a website that links to The Daily Ping, the author IS NOT a famous actor.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday August 8, 2003 -- 9:23:06 am
If you post something to the web, expect it to stay there for the rest of your life. If you'll be embarassed five years from now at the way you portray yourself, you might want to keep your mouth shut.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Friday August 8, 2003 -- 10:08:21 am
Viagra and mortgage refinancing are not the only two things available via the internet. That and free porn is never really free.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Friday August 8, 2003 -- 10:42:34 pm
Delete your cookies.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday August 9, 2003 -- 8:02:14 am
Just because the person on the other end SAYS they're an 18 year old girl....

(Just kidding)

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