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August 12th, 2003

Get In Touch

Email is a real form of communication in 2003, but the way some companies carry on, you might not know it.

Last week, I had two incidents involving a certain fast food chain whose main sandwich rhymes with “Glopper.” The first was that they got my order wrong; the second was that on another instance, they got my order wrong six times and I didn’t get an apology either time. I called and complained about the first incident, and was told to come back for some free large fries. Whoop-ti-do.

When the second incident occurred, I thought that I’d go ahead and contact a corporate office. So I went to this King of Burger’s website to find that, yes, there was absolutely no email address. Worse was a warning saying that any email sent to anyone at their domain would be ignored! What?

Here is a new rule of thumb that I feel is pretty reasonable: if you’re a business with a website, you should have either an email link for consumer feedback, or offer a form right on your site.

My second choice was to call this company. But they don’t have a toll-free number listed on their site, so that was a wash. The final option, which may be the strongest, is for me to write a real letter to them.

Now, I don’t mind writing real letters at all; I’d just rather have that be one of many options in talking with a company. I feel that if a company wants to have a website, they need to understand that it’s not a one-way thing.

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Tuesday August 12, 2003 -- 9:07:59 am
Burker King is a franchise system. The people at Burker King world HQ don't care and have no control over the franchises. The person that will care is the franchise owner - should have his name on the wall somewhere near the counter.

A few years ago in GA we complained about the local McDonalds by sending in teh comment cards that had in teh restaruant. Within two weeks we got coupons and a letter of apology. A month later we got another letter telling us that the management of that McDonalds had been replaced, and more coupons to try it again, now under new mgmt. I think we ended up eating free 3 times from that one complaint.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Tuesday August 12, 2003 -- 11:16:06 am
Paul, you complain more than a little old lady. You're the one at fault here. You went somewhere with employees with little to no education, job training and sometimes desire to live to get you three items that you ask for. I couldn't tell you the astonomical odds placed on getting your order right. It's time to throw in the towel and just admit to youself that 99% of all service industry businesses will give you bad service.

FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday August 12, 2003 -- 12:30:36 pm
Right, Greg--the fast food places in GENERAL (not always!) hire those whom no one else will hire. The turnover rate is astounding, so it's very difficult to have at any given moment a well-trained staff.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday August 12, 2003 -- 7:42:34 pm
A former roommate of mine mailed fake complaints to Taco Bell corporate and received some nifty free food coupons in return.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday August 12, 2003 -- 8:51:49 pm
Last year, while working at a radio station just outside of Lynchburg (VA), I got sick after eating Taco Bell.

I called their 800 number, just to let them know, and within a few days, I not only had two phone calls checking in on my health, and apologizing profusely, but I was sent an apology letter with a $20 Taco Bell Gift Certificate. 20 bucks goes a long way at Taco Bell, so that was pretty cool.

I know it's only Taco Bell, but I thought that was pretty cool that they would go the extra mile like that. As for me, if I were Paul, no way would I ever go back to that BK. I'd pack a lunch before I go back to a place that treats me bad. (Best Buy, are you listening?)

FROM: sam`
DATE: Tuesday August 12, 2003 -- 10:15:13 pm
try writing into other companies ie kraft, crayola, and just let them know that their doing a great job and how much you like their product. you may be supprised the response. i did just taht to both companies and got some crazy free coupons and free food from kraft. remember its someones job to open that mail everyday and they dont care what you say word by word just that you say something will get you a lot

FROM: cd-rw
DATE: Wednesday August 13, 2003 -- 12:37:30 am
i don't like not being able to see my food being made at fast food places like bk, mcdonald's, etc... that's why subway gets my business. at least there the kid making the sub can't pick his nose without getting noticed. the only downside is that jared is a puffer.

FROM: cd-rw
DATE: Wednesday August 13, 2003 -- 12:45:32 am
If you attempt to send an e-mail, it will be returned as "undeliverable" and it will not be received or reviewed by anyone at Burger King Corporation.

dang... the ping writer wasn't kidding about bk... that's one stupid way of handling things.

DATE: Monday August 18, 2003 -- 2:39:52 pm
I went to a BK a couple of weeks ago and ordered your standard #1. No special toppings, no King size, no variation from the standard, just #1 with a Coke. Upon receiving my lunch, I checked the bag for completeness before leaving the window. I realized that I had not received my fries, so I told the girl at the window, "I didn't get my fries." Her reply? "That's because I didn't give them to you." I sat there in silence a full 15 to 20 seconds before my brain could fully register the rediculousness of this response and say "Well, do you think you could go ahead and give them to me now?" Needless to say, it took almost 10 minutes and the intervention of a manager for me to get my fries without having to come up with another $1.07...

Although I agree with Greg and jk that a well-trained staff is a longshot at any fast-food establishment, how hard can it possibly be to put a burger and fries in a bag and hand it out with the appropriate drink?

FROM: Tanya
DATE: Friday October 31, 2003 -- 2:45:16 pm
I just wanted to add to all your stories I just had a rude day from BK my self I forgot to tell the clerk in the drive thru about having a check card the one time I forget & the assistant manager reamed my ass royally !! I was really shocked I mean come on just because I forgot to mention I 'd be paying with my debit card how sad

FROM: wtf
DATE: Friday October 31, 2003 -- 3:51:27 pm
I forgot to tell the clerk in the drive thru about having a check card the one time I forget & the assistant manager reamed my ass royally !!

i woulda said "buh-bye" to the idiot and drove off, leaving them holding the order.

FROM: david
DATE: Saturday November 29, 2003 -- 7:27:47 pm
I would never go to BK in the first place............why? Their food SUCKS! Who's with me?

FROM: PrincessCandy
DATE: Saturday April 30, 2005 -- 4:16:40 pm
I just got home from taco Bell and am pretty miffed over my order

it was all wrong and i paid for it the right way .. had no starws, no napkins .. i have 3 kids that won't eat their lunch becasue it was made wrong and is gross .. and i can't blame them

I spend $25 + a week on our satuday "out to lunch" and it's ridiculous that it takes me half an hour to get the food right

I used to work in fast food .. it's nto that hard. especially the way they have it so one person takes your order and mony and the other person hands you your food. they even have machines that make the drnks for them ... complete from grabbing the cup to snapping the lid on it

and they still mess it up completely


FROM: Amanda
DATE: Tuesday July 18, 2006 -- 2:52:29 pm
Taco Bell
My experience at the taco Bell on 92ndst between cactus and shea was the worst I have ever had. When I walked in there the lady at the register was rude. She made no contact to say hi how can I help you, she just kinda stood there. I went ahead with my order and advised that I do not want any cheese on the chalupe that i ordered because my friend is allergic to cheese. I told her several times I didn't want cheese on there. I paid for it and she grap the cash from my hands as I was telling her I had change to give to her but she didn't wait and then when I did get the change, she grap that to and she had to count it out what the correct amount was because she hadn't typed it in which took her awhile to do. She didn't give me a # so I would know what # my food was and I never recieved a reciept. So i figured it would come in the bag. When I finally received my order to go, I checked to make sure everything was there and it was but when I got back to work, there was no reciept in the bag, and when my friend opened her chalupe there was cheese in it and because I was on my lunch hour there was no time for me to go back to work so she was not able to eat it, she just threw it away. The other tacos that were ordered were correct with the stuff on them however they did not tast right...there were a little to soggy on the bottom.
I don't usually complain because I am in customer service for a prescription benefit service so I know how it feels to be yelled at, but this was just very poor service and I think that needs to be correct. I have in he past done the over the phone survey and I always rate it good but this was just horrible.
Give me a break people. I use to work in fast food. Your job is easy...there is nothing to it

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