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January 5th, 2003

Kid-Free Things

You’ve chosen to go out to eat tonight. It’s been a long week, and you figured you’d treat yourself. You find a nice, mid-range restaurant. When you arrive, you get a table immediately – thinking things are going well. But then, you hear it. It’s unmistakeable, and you can never forget it.

It’s the sound of a baby crying loudly.

But it continues. It’s compounded by the parent(s), trying to calm the kid down. It’s compounded by the siblings, thinking Red Lobster is a new playplace. It’s becoming hard to enjoy your 18 Shrimp Dinner. The most you want to do is turn around and tell those people to please be quiet, already!

Well, I have the solution: kid-free zones. Restaurants already have smoking and non-smoking; they can also have family and non-family (ie, kids and non-kids). Think about the peace and quiet. Think about the family atmosphere for the kids. They get crayons and coloring book menus. They get a diaper changing area. The non-family? Quiet. Peace. Quiet.

Kid-free zones: an idea whose time has come.

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