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September 2nd, 2003

When Hard Drives Die

I think one of the scariest things I’ve heard in recent weeks (besides the whole of the MTV Video Music Awards) is a click… click… click… sound coming from my computer’s hard drive.

Yes, my hard drive is dying.

It’s still under warranty, so it’s not too too bad – if Maxtor ever sends out my replacement. I’ve gotten everything prepped, so once it’s here, I can get the data off of it and send the old one to them so it can receive a proper burial.

I guess I shouldn’t feel too badly, though, for this is only the second hard drive that has died (or chosen to die) under normal usage. The first one – and this will date me here – was an 80MB Western Digital drive. I sent it off for replacement and was amazed that they sent me a 120MB instead. I loved it. Now, of course, my hard drive is 80GB. I’m hoping for a 200GB.

Have you had luck with hard drives?

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