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September 8th, 2003

Three-Way Stops

Based on my two experiences with three-way stops last week, I am prepared to suggest that many drivers don’t know what they are.

At a shopping center near my current residence, there is such a stop. One direction of traffic has no stop sign, so it can do what it wants; the other three must stop. Of course that means the cars coming in from the non-stop direction have the right-of-way. Right? Well, sure. I was attempting to drive straight, crossing the non-stop direction. I had to wait quite a while due to traffic but, apparently, that wasn’t good for the guy behind me. He actually tried to go around me (from the left), and turn right – right in front of me.

Just a few days ago, a nearly-identical thing happened. I was on the opposite side of the non-stop direction. I had to stop, of course, and let everyone from the other side go. But then… they started to stop, as if it was a 4-way stop. Which, of course, it wasn’t. I sat there and the first person eventually got it but the second insisted I go. I didn’t. She had the right-of-way, so she went, and the fellow behind her went.

I just don’t get it. Maybe three-way stops are a bad idea, though – it seems like people don’t understand it.

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FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday September 8, 2003 -- 9:24:25 am
Since this is just begging for it...

I think three-ways are a GREAT idea.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday September 8, 2003 -- 9:25:42 am
Do you ever stop, Rob?

FROM: Chris
DATE: Monday September 8, 2003 -- 12:09:34 pm
Maybe we should move this topic over to Design Geek and discuss the poor design of 3 way stops. Oh wait a minute, Paul doesn't actually update Design Geek ;)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday September 8, 2003 -- 1:56:09 pm
I only update it in months starting with a "J", Chris.

FROM: rob
DATE: Monday September 8, 2003 -- 6:01:31 pm
I think 3-way stops are stoopid unless there are only three ways

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday September 9, 2003 -- 1:52:56 pm
All I know is this: 3-Way (or more) stop keep me employed, with all sorts of accidents to report on. Harsh? Maybe. Truthful? Yep.

In Stuart, FL (where my grandparents live), there is a corner where about 7 or 8 busy roads meetup. It's affectionately named "Confusion Corner".

More than 3-Way Stops, traffic circles can be a major headache. Who let's who in at what time? I truly believe that a majority of people cant handle the complexity of traffic circles.

FROM: Ace High
DATE: Tuesday September 9, 2003 -- 3:49:17 pm
What can I say exept that traffic signs and traffic regulations tend to be illogical and arbitrary.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Wednesday September 10, 2003 -- 3:49:11 pm
It would be nice if they marked 3 way stops as such, though. Unless you're careful, they do look a lot like four way stops.

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