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September 9th, 2003

Small Theaters

The other day I asked about mom-n-pop video stores in your area, as they’ve generally become a rarity in this age of Blockbuster. Sadly, movie theaters seem to be going the same route. Ten years ago, a 16-screen theater was a big event. Today, there are second-run theaters with that many screens.

In my area, there’s a Regal Cinema with 307 screens (or something like that) and the nearest art-house-type theater is an hour away. Fortunately, my town also has a small two (three?)-screen theatre that’s been there (in various incarnations) for decades. They’re somewhere between a first-run and second-run theater with dashes of art-house films and live performances thrown in. I finally went there for the first time this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised at the friendly atmosphere, good-sized screens, and prompt start time (there was a minute or two of locally-produced ads and a single trailer before the movie started). Plus, the theater has the support of Robert Duvall. Really, what else do you need?

Do you have any successful small theaters in your town? Are they well kept or are they dirty dollar theaters (which certainly have their place)?

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