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September 10th, 2003

Moving Companies

Tomorrow, we’re moving about 1000 miles west. And let me tell you that there is no perfect way to move a ton of stuff.

My short advice is, sell everything. If you have kids, sell them too. Just keep enough to put in your trunk, or in your SUV, and go.

It’s times like these, though, that I wonder if a little more government regulation might be a good thing. While I feel fortunate that we found a good company (whose full rating will be reserved until the move is complete,) the whole thing is overwhelming and scary. There are brokers, agents, and companies. Brokers just resell space that agents and/or companies have. Agents are like companies but are generally under a banner (ie, Allied, United, Bekins.) And companies are individually owned.

It’s easy to find negative opinions of movers online. Check out Epinions’ moving category and you can find negativity-a-plenty. Coupled with the BBB, though, one can get a slightly better idea of what’s going on.

Once the move’s complete, I’ll be sure to share our experiences. And, I’ll be counting how many Oreos show up broken.

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gordman September 20, 2007, 12:16 pm

Well I think hopping for some some government regulations for that is a little bit too much. Moving from one place to another is our concern, we can’t complain about the options here.

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