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September 11th, 2003

TV Graduation

A very common theme on TV sitcoms is the graduation episode, especially when there’s a high school or college-aged character on the show. Every one I’ve ever seen has taken place in a small auditorium with maybe 25 students. I think the implication is that there were a lot more.

Family Ties had three graduation episodes (Alex from high school (beat out by his girlfriend for valedictorian!), Mallory from high school, and Alex from college), which has to be some sort of record.

Of course my favorite of all time was the Saved by the Bell graduation [ep. 12.11] (from high school, not The College Years) where not only did they not announce the graduates in anything remotely resembling alphabetical order, but Zack Morris?who almost didn’t graduate, until he took a ballet class?gets to give a speech in front of his class.

Do you have any fond fictional graduation memories?

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