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September 28th, 2003

Separation of Glass and Mug

So as we were unpacking our dishes a couple of weeks ago, I found a few items that I really like: my favorite mug (usually used for coffee), and one of my favorite glasses.

I placed the mug in the sink, as I had done with every other thing that needed to be washed. Then, I placed the glass in the mug – just set it on top, really – figuring that I could remove it later. Guess what?

The glass is still stuck inside the mug.

The glass is almost the exact size of the mug’s opening, so it really doesn’t give very much. Naturally I figured, “Ah! I’ll use the Internet! It’ll help me figure out how to solve this!” and indeed I thought it had: one page I found suggested pouring ice cold water into the glass, and putting the mug in very warm or hot water. That would cause the glass to contract, the mug to expand, and voila!

Unfortunately, there was no voila. Just a wet mug and a wet glass.

So, I’m asking any Pingers out there for advice. I’m thinking that the final straw will be to simply sacrifice the glass by breaking it, but I also don’t feel like having glass shards in my coffee mug.

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