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October 3rd, 2003

Security Systems

A quick Ping poll: how many of you have (or have had) a home security system like ADT or Brinks? And out of you, did the security system ever stop a burglary or other crime (and I realize that just the existence of the alarm system is a deterrent, so this question relates to someone actually breaking into your house and setting off the alarm)?

We’ve had one for three years now and we’ve been the only people to set it off. Ain’t nothing like telling a cop that it was “only a false alarm… sorry” at 7 in the morning while wearing your pajamas, let me tell you.

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Friday October 3, 2003 -- 10:38:48 am
Security by Smith & Wesson....

FROM: Caroline
DATE: Friday October 3, 2003 -- 12:33:29 pm
My in-laws have an alarm in their house but it isn't linked to a security company. A few years ago their house was broken into. The theives got a few things before the alarm actually went off (there's a time delay so you can turn off the alarm). Since then we got an actaul alarm system in our house. Sure only we and the cat have set it off but I feel better knowing that when the door opens there is automatically a warning beep.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday October 3, 2003 -- 5:52:01 pm
Oh, so this is a "homeowners-only" Ping. I see how it is.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Friday October 3, 2003 -- 8:33:16 pm
Actually Robert, although I've never had an alarm system in a house, we did have one in our first apartment.

FROM: jk
DATE: Friday October 3, 2003 -- 9:27:30 pm
Yes Robert, do you feel as if we are stealing away your opporunity to share a story?

I feel good knowing that my parents have an alarm system because they are somewhat isolated despite living in a residential neighborhood. No one really talks to each other in that neighborhood, so you could be dead for a month before anyone even noticed the lack of traffic in your driveway. No evidence of any break-in attempts, just the family setting it off by accident.

My house (sorry Robert!) is pre-wired for a system but I have not put one in for various reasons. My front door has literally been left wide open for hours and nothing happened. It's a lovely change from where I used to live in an apt. complex....they stole my Christmas lights there!! Bad neighbors, baaaaaaad.

FROM: sue
DATE: Wednesday September 28, 2005 -- 10:56:09 am
i am afraid that my stalker will still be in my house at night while im sleeping w/my Brinks security system. I am doing all doors, windows and 1 motion detecter. Has anyone had a criminal get through, and how?I am scared for my life.

FROM: Secure Steve
DATE: Monday November 21, 2005 -- 9:30:49 pm
I agree with a lot of people setting off alarms on their own, but you have to keep in mind that they are a good deterrent. The bad guys are looking for a quick and easy strike, and if they see a sign on the lawn or a sticker in the window saying that the house is protected by an alarm, they will more than likely move on.

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